Grilled Masala and Lemongrass Chicken Thighs

With a little planning, you can do all your cooking on the grill and avoid heating up the kitchen during the hottest months. Refreshing side dishes like fruits and salads, which require no cooking, make great accompaniments to those delicious grilled meat and vegetables. ...more
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How to Make Indian Garam Masala (A Warm Savory Spice Blend)

Most of the Indian recipes I post have and will have "Garam Masala" as one of the ingredients. Hence, I thought of posting the recipe I use in my kitchen. It wasn't an easy job, though. After eyeballing the Internet, I found hundreds of recipes for Garam Masala. Some of the compositions made my eyebrows raise. I educated myself on the different blends available around the world. I am not surprised by the fact that some think 'Garam Masala' is a Curry powder. Even some of the Indian Celeb Chefs on cooking shows refer it as 'Indian Curry Powder'....more
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