These Are a Few Things You'll Find in My Car

(Sung to the tune of "Raindrops on Roses" from The Sound of Music)...more
Wait a second--did you steal my car?! Loved this post, and included it in my Joyful Reads for ...more

Pick Up America: Coast-to-Coast Cleanup

A few weeks ago, hours after attending my own going away party in Denver, Colorado, I came upon a young man standing outside a bus, asking, "Want a tour?" I thought he was offering to drive us around Denver and show us all the places that Elway or Tebow may have slept but he meant a tour of the bus itself, Due West. We came aboard and quickly realized that this was no ordinary bus and these ambitious young folks, Mark and Liz, were no ordinary bus dwellers....more
This is a very exciting project. I'm so glad you are doing it. It inspires me to keep picking up ...more


Have you ever felt guilty about watching your favorite sporting event or drama instead of the documentary that you should be watching?...more

It was very shocking! I couldn't believe the money this industry is making for basically just ...more

Trash Day


Mankind's Garbage Albatross Is Killing Off The Real Thing

An ancient Filipino proverb translates: "The garbage you throw away will return to you." (Proverbs are creepy, reeking of unwanted truth.) Shot on the Midway Atoll, American photographer Chris Jordan photographed decaying baby Albatross bodies, revealing bits of bright trash - mostly plastic - where digested food should have been; the nesting birds are dying as their parents unknowingly feed them our trash....more

I couldn't agree more. I chased a guy down one time and asked if he'd like me to come to his ...more

Trash trimming: A Hardcore eco-challenge goes mainstream

If I could just keep the promises I made to myself in the morning until the evening, I'd feel my life had more of a sense of progress. But apparently other enviro thinkers are a lot better at setting and keeping long term eco-goals -- so much better, in fact, that they go so far as to not just set serious week-long eco-goals, but to set hardcore year-long goals -- and declare their intention to follow through on them on CNN. ...more

These are really informative and inspiring blogs that has great info on reducing your ...more

Daily beach cleanups, eco-blogger style

One of the oddest things about blogging is that an online post can make you see your real life neighborhood from a strangely close distance -- transforming your reality into a surreal cyberreality -- and vice versa. That's what my neighbor Sara Bayles's blog, The Daily Ocean, has done to my world, online and off. ...more

We enjoy going to the beach but leave our garbage after we're done having fun, and we still need ...more

Toronto's Trash Strike Is Over!

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about a local strike in Toronto, of which much of the focus was the growing piles of trash. Guess what? The strike's over. The garbage will disappear. The pools and summer camps and day cares will reopen. Life will go back to normal. Maybe? ...more

I got up this morning to news that city council might not ratify the deal. Wow!


Toronto's Trash Strike

I haven't been following the Toronto CUPE strike, aka the garbage strike, very closely. Whenever it comes up I usually think that I'm very happy I don't live there at the moment go on to other shinier objects. The strike is now in its fourth week though. Four weeks of garbage piling up in city parks. Four weeks of kids without daycare. Four weeks of the union and the city having "they said/they said" conversations in the media. Four weeks and best I can tell it's not any closer to being over. ...more

"But the laid off auto and steel workers were also unionized were they not? Private ...more

Green It Up Vermonters!

This Saturday head out in your hood and pick up some trash. Feel good knowing you are doing your part to spruce up your street. Find out from your Town Coordinator where you can pick up your garbage bags for Green Up Day and if there are any special events planned for the volunteers like the ...more