Do Bloggers Get Sick Days?

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Today's post has nothing to do with gardening or nature, but rather the nature of blogging. Apparently there is a phenomenon called blogger's more at

Garden warming (isn't that what Al called it?)

...and isn't that what we really want?   Weather warm enough to garden in? Hi!   I'm Jenny!   I think I live in one of the nicest parts of the US right now.   I spent the last few days on my daily blog writing about peonies and salvias and roses and got quite a few protests from people protesting my cruelty. So I decided to have a little gardening giveaway to a wonderful organic grower I've been buying from for years! ...more

For the Love of Gardening

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more

Crafting and Gardening Goals: Looking Back and Forward

I've spent the last week alternating between looking backward at '09 searching for the highlights of this year and trying to look forward searching out events to anticipate.  It's an exercise as symbolic as switching to a new calendar instead of simply flipping over a page.  What did I find? ...more

I'm cooking spaghetti squash and meat sauce right now - but after reading this, I want past ...more

Making a Gourd Pergola

If you have ever moved to a new place with no garden or even landscaping in existence, you might understand the dilemma I faced in the fall of 2005.  When a piece of land was cleared for my new mobile home, I had no idea how desolate my yard would look. That winter I became depressed almost every time I walked outside and looked at the scalped earth and the lack of vegetation. ...more

We Are Hothouse Flowers, Waiting

I'm waiting for seeds to come in for the winter sowing I was told about by kind-hearted gardeners who have taken on my needy hothouse spirit as a salvage project.But in the meantime, I found orchids. Orchids! Inexpensive ones languishing on a sale rack at Lowe's....more

Too green a thumb? Put your excess backyard bounty to good use!

Got an overabundant backyard garden or fruit tree? Don't let the extra food go to waste! In addition to sharing the bounty with your neighbors -- or getting really serious about canning and jamming -- here's how you can put your produce to good use: ...more

How cute! Would you mind sharing what the carrot-friendly seed company is? It sounds like a ...more

September Gardening: The Botany of Desire, Lawn Reform Coalition, Compost and more

An early fall Saturday is hopefully perfect for getting out the garden and getting some real work done, but we all need to return inside for a break or two.  Spend this time checking out some the highlights from many of the gardening blogs: In The News: Andrea Bellamy, from Heavy Petal, had a chance to preview the Michael Pollan Special that will be playing on PBS later this fall: The Botany of Desire. ...more