Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard With These Plants

Hi, friends! I love enjoying my coffee on our back deck in the morning & my after-dinner fruit before bedtime, but here in Austin we have had lots of rain & with rain we get lots of mosquitoes. ...more
I will tell the other bloggers too if you want, other people are talking abou it toomore

Wild rose cousins once removed - Rugosas

The story of Sleeping Beauty has something to say about these wild beauties: their sharp thorns are so unforgiving that in a hundred years nobody could cut their way through the rose briar thicket. That is a fact. If you get clothing or hair caught in their prickly branches, good luck untangling yourself....more

A Peace Garden

Today the children of our Mennonite church planted the first seeds in their Peace Garden a garden that will help our local food bank and teach the children about indigenous knowledge ours is a Three Sisters Garden  Click here to visit this post...more

Top How 2's For: Container Plants

How to Make a Sweet DIY Moss Garden

This DIY project quite literally fell into my lap. It all began with a wild windstorm that passed through this last weekend....more
It is beautiful! Funny, how we get inspired. I love it.more

Giveaway and Winter Sowing for the Garden

I've partnered with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, a family-owned provider of non-GMO seeds to giveaway free seeds. I also explain how you can start your vegetable garden right now even if there's snow on the ground and it's freezing outside.Visit my family food blog, Because, for details.

Motherhood is for Chickens

Motherhood.  Thoughts of children with runny noses and schoolbuses come to mind.  Endless laundry, storytime and playdates and it leads to rebellion and boyfriends, doesn't it?  We, and I say we because I did not do this alone, were lucky, very lucky.  Our version of raising two girls did not follow the script of a Lifetime movie.  There were no catastrophic events and no regrets; just two young women, now out on their own, that we are so proud to call our daughters. ...more

DIY Halloween Chalkboard Flower Pots

I know exactly what you're thinking. You think I've gone completely gaga over chalkboard paint. Well, my friend, you're right on the money! When Halloween is over, you can erase the message and write or draw something else. This is the craft that keeps on giving, and trick-or-treaters will surely appreciate your front porch creativity. ...more
Oh how fun! Do you think it's durable in the outdoor elements throughout the year?more