Raising Independent Kids: Treading the Line Between Safety and Self-Sufficiency

A recent article in The Atlantic by Hanna Rosin really got me thinking. In it, she talks about how children in generations past (my childhood, my parents' childhood) spent a lot more time out and about alone. I'm sure we all have stories about how we used to go out riding our bikes for hours in the afternoons, went exploring in local woods and open spaces, had secret lairs with our friends, walked ourselves to and from school, and so on....more

Digging in the Dirt With Little People

I wrote an article on gardening with kids in the Spring 2014  issue of Tender Tidings . This online parenting resource is avaiable for free on CAPC.  In the article I included a  list of favorite vegetables to grow with little gardeners. Here are my “top 9″ plants for children’s gardens, which are easy to grow, have short growing seasons and are fun to harvest....more

The Joy Of Gardening With Little People…And A Goat

It is cold outside,-21C with more snow on the way but this story on gardening was due for Catholic  Attachment Parenting Corner and I NEEDED to post a feel good gardening story!Ah, Spring time. For me springtime means gardening, gardening with little people....more

No Garden to Grow

Every spring I say the same thing, with much sighing and sad resignation:  I wish we had a garden. I love the idea of walking out into my backyard to pick some vegetables for dinner. I love the idea of saving money on produce and eating healthier, homegrown foods. Gardens are beautiful. What's not to love? Oh yeah, all the hard work that goes into it. The planning, the weeding, the protecting from children and animals. There is that... ...more

The hungry backyard animals and the red ripe strawberry

Originally posted on Long Days, Short Years The kids and I created a square foot garden a few years ago to work on together. Last year we added a strawberry plant which produced 3 red ripe strawberries the first year. Alas, before we had a chance to harvest them a chipmunk, squirrel or bird got to them....more

Transplanting Learning to the Home Garden.

  The count down is on…spring is almost here! If you’re like me, you’re doing a happy dance and gathering daffodils.Mop the floors?Why bother?They’ll just get muddy again....more

Gardening with Kids: Seed Selection

On Christmas Eve, I pulled the van up to our mailbox, grabbed the contents and hopped into my seat. I started shuffling through and our favorite seed catalog arrived amongst a pile of holiday cards. Merry Christmas. The Little Man was so excited, he grabbed it right out of my hand from his car seat. I caught myself because I almost snatched it right back. It is difficult to over come the power of those instincts at times. ...more

Let's get the kids in the garden!

Join me as I work to get our kids outdoors and into the garden with fun ways to engage them, entertain them...activities to delight them--many of which they can share! Let's teach them about organic gardening, sustainable living, healthy food choices and the value of nature.  It's a natural fit.  And when it comes time to harvest, throw a party!  Vegetables never tasted so good as those a child grew for themselves. Spring has sprung and now's the time to get active.  Visit http://www.BloominThyme.com for ideas and...more

love your mother, eat your yard

As an Earth Day special edition (yes, I know Earth Day isn't until tomorrow, but I wanted to give you time to read and plan), I thought I'd run with the recycling thing. So, rather than rewriting something you already know about saving the earth, I decided to recycle electrons and send you links to sites that are doing more than I ever could....more

Spring Treats.

It's official. It's spring—tra la!  ...more