With gratitude, with love

Most gardeners, sometimes not knowingly, have an idealized image of what a garden should be and aspire to recreate it, slightly altered of course by the real conditions of their site. Mine is a bright summer morning in my grandfather's garden....more

The Cat in the Greenhouse

I went to our local garden store to buy a few needed items for seed starting and get some ideas for next season’s planting. I must confess that every time I step inside a garden store I lose track of time, because I tend to get sidetracked by items of interest, new plants or colorful displays.While wandering around checking out bags of peat moss, colorful ceramic pots and watering cans, I stumbled upon the winter greenhouse, a little tropical paradise and such a welcome respite from the dreary gray and leafless landscape....more

Memories of summer

Sitting at the table under the tree canopy, a book in one hand, the other hand mindlessly rubbing your temples, you lose track of time. The splotches of light filtered through the branches above move slowly opposite the sun path, while the day merges into evening. The light becomes gentler, more tired, almost horizontal....more

Finding beauty in the weeds... and a little parenting insight, too.

This is what happens when you go on vacation and leave your yard unattended for a couple of weeks:...more


I think it is safe now to say that summer is here and the heat is on.  It's been a long wait this year.  We've worked hard getting the raised beds built and prepared for planting.  Then there was the hauling and shoveling before seeding and planting could be done....more



After a couple of days of heat, the clouds and the showers came.  It was a welcomed relief for the garden and gardener.  I took the opportunity to do a bit more planting in between raindrops. Two raspberry bushes went into a sunny corner, right in front of the cherry tomatoes....more


The sky was overcast, the morning air sweet with the smell of rain. The birds sang in full chorus.  Bring it on!I have a little gas in my tank and I am ready to tackle the day.  No more procrastination, at least for today.  I am fuelled by my recent successes....more


A BLENDED LIFECreating a better life...more

Wannabee Gardener

  I want to be starting something, I want to be starting something, I want to be starting something, I want to be growing something.~ ...more
Sow something weekly - make the odds work in your favor! But a lemon tree from seed is VERY ...more