Evolution of The Victory Garden

Evolution of The Victory Garden I've been hearing the term "Victory Garden" thrown about more and more these days. I had to wonder, how many people really know what a Victory Garden is. Or, should I say was? I grew up hearing the term, having parents who grew up during the depression and who lived through WWII. Their families had Victory Gardens, and they often spoke to me about ...more

Perfect flowers, perfect house, perfect life

Success is boring. I used to be good at success. But I'm becoming much better at failing. I seem to be doing it a lot more. I don't know if my aspirations are higher or I've exceeded my competence. I have to say that enjoyed success more than failure. Perhaps that is just nostalgia. See the whole post at Brown Thumb. ...more

Give What You Grow

Grow a garden this summer, even a small one, to give food to your local food banks. Right now, the global economic crisis is stressing pantries, as more families must make the choice between food or utilities. In 2007, the number of undernourished people in the world increased by 75 million in 2007. We can expect that number to rise. ...more

Channelling the Jeffersons?

As in George & Weezie. Not a former Head of State. Moving on...up. Sort of. At least I want to. ...more

Help me choose a logo for my small business - hyperlocavore.com

Help us pick a logo at hyperlcoavore.com. http://hyperlocavore.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/logo_choice2/ hyperlocavore is a yardsharing community. Join hyperlocavore to find or start a yardshare or group garden in your town. CSAs and community gardens fill up fast. Organic is expensive! ...more

A Day of Service in the Garden

In 1994, Congress declared that Martin Luther King holiday should become a National Day of Service.  This year, spurred on by President-elect Obama's call to service, this became the most active volunteer day in the holiday's 14 year history. Did you heed the call?  I did. As a member of Citizen Hope, I was offered four different volunteer opportunities, but how could I not choose to work at a school farm in an economically challenged part of the region?  ...more

That is so cool that you did that, Deb. Not only did you do something worthwhile, but it sounds ...more

White House Victory Garden: Symbolic or Stupid?

In his inaugural speech this week, President Obama spoke of the notion of responsibility, public service, and personal sacrifice, three things that Americans (my generation in particular) love to hear.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking to me, but it got me thinking about the rest of you and what you all might have planned in terms of lifestyle changes that will benefit the country as a whole.  And that brought me, eventually, to victory gardens. ...more

In other parts of the world people have started land and yardsharing as a response to high ...more

Plan Your New Garden Off-Season: How to Design A Garden

Dear Casual Gardener, I want to build a garden this Spring, but have absolutely no design sense. Can you help a non-designer learn how to put a garden together? I'm not sure where to get started. Signed, Ditzy in Decatur == == == == == == Dear Ditzy, ...more

floral arranging

Floral Arranging, Expanding The Perennial Gardens, Cut Flowers to bring inside for entertaining.   ...more

www.theparishouse.com  the paris house designs , ...more