would like to invite everyone on over to my blog, CoffeeCoffeeCoffee. You never know what subject will pop up. Right now I am running a contest for my 1 year bloggiversary and 100th post. It end July 31st so hurry on over. Have a great day! ...more

Gardening 101: Compost Doesn't Happen

This past week, armed only with a garden fork, I worked for an hour at making my own soil, mixing together kitchen scraps, shredded papers, and the remains collected in our vacuum.  ...more

When we decided to compost I just bought one bin... didn't see the need for the 3 bin process, ...more

Fuchsia, Not Just a Lipstick Color Anymore!

During the time I lived in Oklahoma, the only fuchsia I had was in a tube of lipstick. I had heard about the plants in passing, but since it is not heat tolerant, I had no desire to grow it. In my current residence in Portland, lots of people are growing them, so I thought I would give it a try. I purchased 8 or so 4 inch pots and proceeded to replant in hanging baskets. I had blooms, but not the full, lush growth that the farmer's market hanging baskets have. I fed and watered them and decided to try and overwinter them. ...more

Do You Grow Your Own?

Do you like to grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs? Do you raise animals that provide food for your family? Do you hunt or forage for any of your food? Are you interested in organic, sustainable practices and seasonal foods? ...more

Digging the Dirt: Summer Vegetable Garden Tour

We are at the height of summer vegetable gardening across the northern hemisphere. Plants are established in their spaces and we, the gardeners, are starting see the rewards for our work. Surely a garden tour is in order, right? Keep in mind, that my garden is mostly potential at the moment, not edible produce. ...more

I kept putting off the planting and now I've resigned myself to visiting the local Farmer's ...more

Garden Excess? Find someone that needs your veggies.

Have you seen the web site StopTheHunger.com? The site has world-wide hunger statistics, updated in real-time. This afternoon, I saw these statistics: There are 888,631,876 undernourished people in the world now. 5,092,111 have died of hunger this year. An estimated 20 people died in the time it took me to copy these statistics. I went looking for places to donate extra vegetables from my first little garden, and I found myself staring at these numbers that were climbing by the second. ...more

Submit Questions for BlogHer '08s Home And Garden BOF

During the First Break Out Session on Saturday, July 19th, I have the honor of hosting the Home and Garden Birds of a Feather Meet-Up. I want to make this session special for both the attendees and anyone who blogs these topics.  So, I am bringing my video camera so I can tape the session and share it with you all. I hope to structure the session like a interview getting the best tips and ideas from the attendees in this very special place. ...more

Sadly, I'm not going to BlogHer. If I could, I'd ask," What does the Home Decorating/DIY ...more

Digging The Dirt:Out Damn Pests!

My approach to pests in the garden or landscape is usually to adopt a technique that is least harmful to the general environment while being highly destructive to the pest itself. So I often use soap, dusts, hot pepper and young men to deal with my pests. Except for muskrats. They actually drove me to buy a .22. But let's hope your garden invasions don't end up resorting to that degree of destructive power. ...more

Try diatomaceous earth. For snails and slugs it's like walking across yards of broken glass. ...more

Canadians Gardening

When I was growing up, until I was about ten or eleven, we had a vegtable garden every year. One of my earliest memories is getting in trouble for stealing baby carrots from the garden and harvesting raspberries that would be turning into yummy jam. It was A Lot Of Work so it's probably no coincidence that gardening was put off after all the free labour (ie my siblings) moved out. Luckily we have relatives who plant way too much for themselves and we still raid their gardens. ...more

I have loved growing vegtables all my life. the most annoying and yet funny ...more

Digging the Dirt: The Grass is not Always Greener

A long holiday weekend like we have here in the US leads many to think about life outdoors: barbecueing in the backyard, a game of catch or croquet.  But before we do those things, we must consider our lawns.  Do we really need all those swaths of green that require mowing, fertilizing, and pesticides?  ...more


Let me know what you choose for those low-maintenance areas, I'm always looking ...more