Garden Shopping Goes Green at BlogHers ACT Canada

May's focus at BlogHers ACT Canada is on eco-gardening.  Does this sound redundant to you?  Ideally, all gardening practices would be ecologically friendly, but the fact of the matter is, many are not. Every year, thousands of gardeners all over North America head out to shop for flowers and vegetables, taking all kinds of non-biodegradable plastics home along with their plants.  Most municipalities do not recycle these pots and flats, which then end up in landfill sites. ...more

"Dharma in the Dirt", NYT highlights organic gardener, zen master Wendy Johnson

In her  Where Organic Gardening and Meditation Meet, Alameda Garden's Claire Splan point to this NYT Article, Dharma in the Dirt, by Patricia Lee Brown.  The article profiles Wendy Johnson who is part of the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Northern California. ...more

Garden and Produce Safety

When we think of fresh-from-the-garden vegetables, the image we get is the picture of health. Barfblog reminds us that whether it is a 10 x 10 backyard garden or a 1,000 acre commercial enterprise, food safety is still important. Thanks to them for pointing us to the UC Davis Home Garden Food Safety publication list. ...more

BlogHers ACT Canada's May Challenge: Greener Gardening!

This month at BlogHers ACT Canada, we're going to be focusing on Greener Gardening.  This month's first post zeroes in on some great web content that will provide any gardener who aims to garden in a more green manner with some great tips for getting started. Later this month, stay tuned for: ...more

Gardening 101: Planting Tomatoes

I promised you an entire post on planting, growing and carrying for your tomato plants. Almost everyone with a garden of some kind decides to grow tomatoes; they are by far the most popular vegetable (well, actually fruit.. ) that's grown. So let's get digging. ...more

I love your tip about pinching off the bottom 1' of the plants when they are 3' tall!  What a ...more

Gardening 101: How to Plant (Almost) Everything

It's a gorgeous Saturday for you (I hope). As spring moves north 10 miles/day, more are beginning to feel the warmer days and cool nights that typify this time of year. We just can't help it. We want to get out and plant something to experience the season of rebirth and renewal. I've already discussed preparing your soil and pots; today, how to successfully plant almost anything. It comes down to the golden rule of planting: Dig a hole $10 dollar hole for a $1 plant. But what does this mean? ...more

This is such a helpful post for me, because I know NOTHING about gardening, but would REALLY ...more

Gardening 101: Container Gardening

This weekend I planted a very special part of my garden: the pots of succulents that grace my front steps and the kitchen pot garden that I keep on my back deck.  Why? Container gardening gives you options that you might not otherwise have in gardening: Plants that can be moved with the sun Plants where you want them, whether there is dirt or not Plants to experiment with Plants even when you have very little space. Plants replaceable for seasonal color.   ...more

Especially if you are on a tight budget. I never liked using plastic containers so when I wanted ...more

Blogging Hobbies: Flying Courage, Creating GuerillaArt, Bones in the Garden,Wii Scuba Diving

I spent time this morning reading the wonderful posts that populate "hobbies" in the BlogHer news feed. Posts that are touching, funny and I fear way too often completely overlooked. They shouldn't be. So let me shine my editor's light on some of the remarkable writing on my beat. Kelly from Donna Mills Diva comes from a family of private pilots. After learning, last week, that her cousin was killed in a flying accident, yet contemplating the warming weather that will allow her to take off in her family's float plane, Kelly asserts I WILL FLY: ...more

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Building Good Bones in the Garden

I’ve often heard of the need for a garden to have “good bones”--a strong basic structure on which everything else is built. But with each passing year I’m becoming more aware that we gardeners need to have good bones too. Lucky for us, strong, healthy bones can be a by-product of gardening itself. ...more


Thank you for this post. This is an important topic to cover: how working in the ...more

A Garden Book Giveaway

With spring just around the corner you may find yourself thinking about this year's garden. If the weather's still too raw to venture outside, digging into a garden book is the next best thing. The Curious Gardener's Almanac is a compendium of both gardening advice and garden lore, and a cozy way to wile away those last winter days. For a review of the book and a chance to win a free copy, check out my blog post here ...more