Demystifying Compost

In the last week or so, I've fielded a few questions from friends about compost. Then I also noticed a few comments on the various green blogs I read indicating that people had either tried composting and failed, or were too confused to even start it. So I wanted to provide some steps, some reassurance, and some resources on this, my favorite way to reduce waste and improve soil fertility. What is compost? ...more

The more I read about this the more motivated I become. Here's another article that gives a ...more

Digging the Dirt: Winter's Ways

I am not working in my garden this weekend. Last week I got my compost piles rotated, but weather moved in before I pull all the weeds that have sprouted in the veggie beds this winter. Though the job list grows by the minute, a winter storm blowing through again this weekend will keep me inside reading about gardening instead of grabbing my shovel, clippers, and pail and actually working. Ah the joys of February gardening! ...more

Friday's Mommy Mix

Friday, February 15th--Friday"s Mommy Mix includes info on the following topics: why focusing on the positive in relationships helps, why you might want to think twice before buying an internet-based home security camera system, how to make a quick and healthy dinner tonight, and why an indoor garden can improve your health. For details on these topics, go to my blog post today at ...more

Would You Pay $150+ for Year-Round Fresh Herbs?

Heaven knows, by mid-February, the days may be longer here in the northern hemisphere but precious little edible is growing. In my hometown of St. Louis, the first farmers markets will open in mid April but at least one will delay its opening until late May. That's just two weeks after our last-risk-of-freeze date but the market master knows that until then, there's really just not enough farm produce and that even the best grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, whole-grain breads and hand-crafted chocolates won't satisfy home cooks hungry for fresh vegetables and seasonally-challenged shoppers expecting home-grown tomatoes that won't in fact appear for still another eight weeks. So what about keeping year-round summer with a mini greenhouse, the current staple of late-night television advertorials, the Aerogarden? Let's see what bloggers say about the AeroGarden, the hydroponic countertop garden which sells for $150 and hits all the huckster hot buttons -- "no dirt, no pesticides, no weeding -- and no green thumb required"! ...more

I'm seriously late weighing in on this discussion! Thanks for including my review in your post. ...more

Spring Fling '08: A Garden Bloggers Garden Party

Destination: Austin, TX. Dates: April 4th through 6th, 2008 Purpose: The Garden Bloggers Spring Fling! Who: Anyone Who Blogs About Their Garden. ...more


I am certain that if you started planning a health and wellness blog fling people ...more

2007, A Look Back

Wow! It's New Year's Eve already; 2008 is just hours away.  Like every other adult, I swear each year goes by faster than the one before, leaving me wondering what happened in 2007?  I spent a little time reviewing to find my favorite posts for each month of the year.  These are posts about women who make me proud and happy; posts that inform and entertain.  Let's look back: January: Away With the EZ! Rosie's Yarn Cellar swore off buying any books with "Easy" in the title: ...more

Digging the Dirt in December

December should be one of the slow months for the garden bloggers; garden beds have been put to sleep for the winter and most seed catalogs are mailed in January. Blogposts are still growing, though.  Let's dig in!Christa's family chose and cut their live tree on the first day of December: ...more

Digging the Dirt: Gardeners, welcome to Web 2.0

Just returning from She's Geeky, I was so happy to see Learning how to use your new gardening tool: The Web at Gardening Tips and Ideas. Stuart presents well-thought out posts that usually teach me something new. This article, though, made me feel like I was living in past. His tips for using the web as a gardening tool? ...more

Debra, I checked out both your blogs, and if your bio is up-to-date, you are only my elder by 6 ...more

oakies unite!

dear BlogHer women, as the designated chronicler for three families -- including two pregnant moms, a toddler, and a husky dog -- living in a Washington, DC city core farmhouse, i invite you to check out our blog at we're about simplicity, faith, justice, and life-together. and we have a good sense of humor. : ) see you there! laura ...more

Fork & Bottle

Jack & Joanne explore artisan food, wine and cheese. This includes sustainable gardening, What To Feed Kids, wine country restaurant reviews, biodynamic wine, Slow Food, cheese resources, US Cheese makers, recipes, and reports on food and wine events. ...more