A Whole Lotta Gardening

Life has been full lately. A beautiful, tasty, diverse kind of full. But, so full that some afternoons all I want to do is nap. Curl up on top of my clean bed, babe in arms, and drift off. Not for a long while, just a half hour. Alas, Reality Check: Babe is hardly a babe anymore. He's 1 already. Wah! Babe only takes one short nap a day. One very short nap. And, twenty minute nap usually occurs before the afternoon lethargy hits....more

When to Be or Not to Be a Locavore: Aroma Cucina

When to Be or Not to Be a Locavore: Aroma Cucina We live in an era of efficient shipping, and that makes for some good eats in unlikely places.  Don't fight it, embrace it and choose wisely. http://aromacucina.typepad.com/aroma_cucina/2011/03/when-to-be-or-not-to-be-a-locavore.html http://bit.ly/gZYrq3 ...more

Just posted a new book review ....

I just published my book review of Robert Toole's Landscape Gardens on the Hudson at http://artbookreviewblogger.blogspot.com...more

A Late-Blooming Gardener

As a kid, I couldn’t fathom why my mom killed time on an activity so inexplicably dorky as gardening. During the spring and summer, I was far too busy with matters of great consequence, like final exams, prom dress shopping, basketball camp, and endless reruns of Gilligan’s Island. In college, I’d laugh and roll my eyes at the detailed play-by-play of blooming perennials in Mom’s weekly letters. Boooo-ring! I snickered, in that all-knowing teenagerly way, off to drill verb conjugations in Russian 102. I couldn’t imagine myself expending energy on anything so prosaic as toiling away in the soil. I imagined some vague future career for myself involving designer suits and exotic adventures far from sleepy Nashville, Tennessee....more

The Butterfly Diaries: Yellow Swallowtail

One weekend when the children were small we took them to visit their Grandparents in Pennsylvania....more

Small Comforts

 Our family is in the midst of a major crisis....more

Cycles of Life

Post transatlantic voyage we stayed at this family flat for a month, allora, 8 yrs on, we're back in Riva for another lovely month of Sundays.......more

The Cycle Of life

Get Outdoors and Grow Your Own Vegetables

How often do you consider the journey of your fruit and vegetables? They’ve been sowed into soil and carefully tended to, before being harvested and transported for your roast dinner....more

Happiness Is...

...on the decline for women according to a study on HuffingtonPost.  Maureen Dowd, who's never pretended to be happy puts on her own spin.  I like Dowd, she's bitter and a stereotypical NY'er and very good at her job. I begrudge her nothing, she's honest. ...more

There was an eposide on "Four Corners " an Australian news show about Italian women in ...more