Fruit Salad Day Serves Up Health and Nutrition

In line with the USDA’s recent ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food’ initiative, eighth graders at East Palo Alto Charter School held an event called “Fruit Salad Day” for their entire school on Sept. 17, 2009. The 15 students in the school’s Garden Elective class helped to wash, chop, mix, and serve seasonal fruits donated by farmers' markets in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto to more than 300 schoolmates. ...more

Kids + the garden = One fabulous home-grown lesson in horticulture

I’m the first to admit: as a kid, I was not all that helpful in the garden. By not all that helpful, I mean that my Dad and I spent a legendary afternoon (or, perhaps, a legendary 20 minutes, depending on who tells the story) when I “helped” pick beans at the community garden plot he cultivated when I was in middle and high school. My pre-teen attitude ensured I was never invited back to the garden again. ...more

I found out that most kids will only get involve when you make it seem like you're just ...more

My own little victory garden

  We added a fourth bed this weekend. In it I planted yellow corn (upper right quarter), white corn (lower left quarter), cucumbers (upper left corner) and watermelon (lower right corner). Intersecting in the shape of a cross are giant sunflowers (after the heads dry you can eat the seeds). I covered the bed with dead leaves for mulch and nutrients. ...more

Home decor: outdoor spaces

I don't know what it is about the changing seasons, but as soon as one starts slipping away and melting into another, I get the urge to redecorate some area of my house.  My husband Marcus sees it coming:  he watches me appraising some corner of our home, quietly tutting and tsking, and he knows the time has come to gird his loins, and prepare for a (possibly arduously) long honey-do list, propelled primarily by my whims.  This winter-into-spring it was all about painting our family room.  And now?  As we say goodbye to Mother's Day, and spring slips into summer? It's all about the outdoors, baby. ...more

6 great ways to save money for Earth Day

~ Elizabeth Burman, AKA "Almostgotit," blogs at ~ ...more

Digging the Dirt: Gardening Q&A

Whenever I meet knew people and tell them I'm a gardener, they have questions. Wide ranging questions that vary depending upon that individual's interest and experience.  Today's questions are a sampling of the wide-ranging variety of interests in growing. 1.  What do you think of those upside-down hanging tomato systems? ...more

 I am using the upside down planters to start my children on gardening, but I will be ...more

Growing Tiny Gardens

I admit, I’m a budding gardener. And it is so exciting that the time to order seeds and plan this years garden is upon me! Last year I ran upon a great book, Animal, Vegatable, Miracle a little too late to start a full-fledged garden, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few seeds to germinate in my less-than-desirable soil. The tiny eggplants we grew were scrumptious– so much better than those store bought monsters. And that has incitd me to do better this year. ...more

One of my favorite parts about warmer weather (aside from the fact that it is warmer) is when ...more

floral arranging

Floral Arranging, Expanding The Perennial Gardens, Cut Flowers to bring inside for entertaining.   ...more  the paris house designs , ...more