Fried Calamari Salad with Caperberris and Lemon Aioli

Looking back on my life, I recognize the most effective heart-felt lessons have been extremely painful to learn.Often we hope and pray for smooth sailing;–for health, wealth, and loving relationships. We claim to be teachable in the good times, but it’s the harrowing moments that force us to stare our character in the face, and make adjustments. Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. ~C.S. Lewis...more

Asheville’s Cúrate ~ The Pupil Becomes The Master

Some people wonder aimlessly through life, responding to whatever trial or happiness drifts their way. Others look at the world as a giant classroom; finding the lesson in each stage of life, seeking to learn and grow from every new experience, continuously acting rather than reacting. I would say Katie Button is the latter, a student of life and all it offers....more

How to Buy Your Mushrooms and Eat Them Too: Portobello Rafts with Spanish Quinoa

If you’ve ever run into us at the grocery story, I don’t blame you for thinking that my little J loves mushrooms. It would be a totally acceptable belief given the evidence: J sitting in the cart with a blue styro package of pre-washed sliced mushrooms on his lap as he happily chows down on slice after slice of tasteless white shroom....more

Garlic Knots


Quick and Easy Alfredo Sauce (milk, cream cheese, parmesan)

I'm going to be a little indulgent here and share a recipe that isn't made from much that comes in the Angel Food Ministries boxes with the exception of milk.  The only reason I feel I can share it is because it is relatively affordable for our area when I shop sales or at Aldi's....more

Broiled Fish Parmesan (fish, lemon)

I was never a huge fan of fish while I was growing up.  The only time we had fish in our house was during lent and that always consisted of fish sticks and french fries with tons of tartar sauce and ketchup.  Not the healthiest meal, but it served its purpose at the time!...more

Slow Cooker Sweet and Salty Aisian Beef (beef, rice)

We had a mini-snowstorm here yesterday.  After two days of rain and a nice thaw, the snow returned.  I typically don't mind the changing weather, but the hubby was away for two-days at a sheep shearing class.  I planned on having a nice hot beef dinner ready when he got home but changed my mind because the weather was going to make him late....more

Gremolata: Green stuff the kids might not like, but that's o.k.

My son will eat anything as long as it doesn’t have flecks of green on it. Broccoli is fine but if it’s tossed into chicken soup such that little green globules attach themselves to the carrots, then neither the carrots, the broccoli, nor anything else in the soup gets eaten. This goes for all green flecks. For awhile, I avoided herbs entirely because using them meant having to rinse off all his food before he’d eat it....more

Melty Brie with Garlic, Red Pepper and a Year in the Life of Pittman's on 44

My brother Mike and his wife Angela (owners / operators of Pittman’s on 44) spend spring gearing up for summer. They plan new menu items and get the staff (mostly students) into shape before May Long hits. From that weekend on it’s non-stop insanity. I know because I’ve had a spin in the whirlwind of a beach-town restaurant myself....more