Extreme Couponing at the Gas Pump

Excuse me while I whine about living in Chicagoland. Again. I know you're as tired of hearing me whine about this as I am of living here, but I just can't help it. Grocery stores all over the country are offering great savings at the gas pump for those who use store loyalty cards, all extreme couponers use store loyalty cards, and of course there's not a single store near me that is offering these savings. And gas prices in Chicagloand are high -- the highest in the country. ...more

I mean really annoying. You should complain!

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Tips to Help You Save Money on Spring Road Trips

Gas prices are creeping up again as we head toward spring break. Here are some tips to help you save some money below under four categories — Engine Warm-Up, How to Buy Gasoline, How to Drive Economically, and General Advice — are some effective methods for saving money at the fuel pump — and overall wear and tear on your car.   ...more

The All American City, gas prices and Inflation

t was announced on the news last night that Charleston SC was voted the most American city, has a low crime rate and low cost housing. They went on to say we also had the lowest gas prices in the nation. That, to me seemed like a strange thing to add to the most American city, but it is a very important part of our lives today isn't it?  ...more

The Power Behind Hope: The Obama/Biden Energy Plan

When it came to light that I would need to write about energy this week, the idea appealed to me about as much as going forward with the presidential debate tomorrow night seems to appeal to John McCain. But one thing I love about blogging, and BlogHer, is that I expose myself to and others expose me to notions and topics out of my comfort zone.  ...more

Yes - all of BlogHer is non-partisan.  And I promise you, there are many conservatives ...more

Does Anyone Actually Believe that "The Price of Gas is Set by the Market"?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Conservative spokesperson Mike Storeshaw does. Funny though, all I see is that every time there is the slightest move upward in crude oil prices, gas prices go up. However, they are much slower to fall when crude oil goes down. I used to work for one of the gas companies (I'm ashamed to say). We were given a price breakdown (that you can actually ask for from any of the gas companies, just call customer service). The ...more

New and interesting articles keep popping up! There is another update on my ...more

Native Americans and the 2008 election

According to the 2000 Census, Native Americans are only 1.5 percent of the US population, but their participation in this year's presidential election might be especially important. American Indians are a critical voting bloc in several swing states, according to a recent study. ...more

I'm hooked on a radio program called Native America Calling. It's a call-in talk show on public ...more

A Conservative View of the DNC

Recreate '68. A few protesters descended on Denver this year to relive the radical glory days of the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago. I didn't live in Chicago then, but in a small town in Wisconsin, and as a young teenager I was a Democrat, raised as one, and a supporter of peace candidate for president Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota. So what does '68 mean to me? It means barely 10 years later I was a Reagan Republican. ...more

Given your feelings/opinions ...more

David Blume touts Alcohol Can Be A Gas !

     Noted ecological biologist David Blume has been promoting his book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas and continues to talk about the importance of alcohol-based fuels, and of how the oil industry has worked against the developement of alternative fuel sources.  Many of the early cars, Model T  for example, ...more

Measuring in Gallons

Is it just me, or is everyone else measuring everything in gallons of gas these days? That latte? That'll set you back 1 gallon of gas.The free-range, natural chicken I considered buying for a millisecond? A whopping 2 gallons of gas. Per. Pound.Those shoes? Better start saving, because they're a full tank.And a pound of strawberries? At about a half-gallon, they seem like a steal. Get used to it, I tell myself. ...more

Staycation, Holistay, Whatever. It Means You're Staying Home.

When you give up that big trip because 4 bucks a gallon puts an uncomfortable crimp in your wallet or airfares are too ridiculous or that unexpected stint of unemployment took a bite out of your travel budget, it is not a staycation or a holistay, it's staying home. It's the chick flicks and ice cream bandage of financially wounded travelers, a day trip to the water park instead of a cabin at the beach for a week. Staycation? Holistay? Meh. ...more

I'm with Laurie -the media-invented word "Staycation" sets my teeth on edge. ...more