The 4 Reasons Winter Temperatures Lower Your Gas Mileage

Many people visit their dealership or auto shop in the winter complaining that their gas mileage has decreased. They are usually concerned that there may be an issue with their car. Most of the time, it’s simply the colder weather and time of year. Here are four reasons your gas mileage may decrease in winter:...more

Memorial Day Travel Alert: Yahoo Gas Mileage Myths Debunked Already By Bloggers

My husband is obsessed with gas mileage. Whenever we fill up the tank, he resets the trip odometer to zero so he can check how many miles he got for his full tank of gas the next time he refills. He coasts down hills, he rolls to a stop rather than inching forward, and he practically salivated during Mythbuster's dirty vs. clean car gas mileage episode. ...more

Sounds like a myth I would make up just because I prefer the A/C to the windows :-)

Melissa ...more