The Rare Dark Side of Gastric Bypass Surgery

I know THREE women who have had Gastric Bypass surgery.  ONE is doing great and is an inspiration to many.  This post is about the other TWO, who ended up leaving their husbands.  Both women started off with the best of intentions but around the year mark, both began doing things that were out of character.  Family and friends were surprised, silent but still supportive.  Was this sort of thing to be expected?...more

Pregnancy After Gastric Bypass: It Will Be Okay!

November 2010, I made the biggest decision in my life when I decided to have Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass in the pursuit to lose weight. I was morbidly obese, and had tried all my life to lose weight the “normal” way. But this post is not about my surgery, it is about what happened to me after the surgery. See, I wasn’t really informed that rapid amounts of weight loss tend to make heavy-set women more fertile. I had lost 70 pounds very quickly, and you betcha, I found out that I was pregnant very soon after my four-month post-op check up....more
Did you continue to lose weight after the pregnancy? I want to have Bariatic Surgery done but I ...more