Coming Out - A Teen's Story

Gay/Straight Marriages-Living a Lie

It is estimated that millions of marriages end in divorce when one spouse comes out and admits their true sexual orientation.  Millions!I am fascinated by this scenario and always wonder what were the signs?  Did she or he have a clue?  When your spouse admits they’re gay after decades of marriage, it must be absolutely devastating for the straight spouse.   Doesn’t this mean our whole marriage was a lie?  If I could live this lie then what are the other lies or things they hid from me?...more
@LiveBySurprise An estimated millions! :(more

Laramie, AZ

 A lot gets by me.I'm a writer. I live in my head. And my pajamas....more


Homosexuality is often commented topis, and opinions of people are different ... In my neighbrood I know people with different opinions about homosexuality - people who tolerate and support them, and also some homophobic individuals, who think that gays are disgusting and vile. ... Continue reading  ↓...more

Jason Collins...Gay?

I'm sorry to sound like such a prissy gossiper...but I couldn't stand to not be shocked when I heard Jason Collins was gay. I mean, I suppose this is good, considering this has never really happened in sports before, and the world is becoming more accepting of gays, but considering he's over 7 feet tall & is 34 years old, I was just shocked. ...more
@Denise Society (unfortunately) expects men to be manly if they look a certain way. I was ...more

Oh, hey. Milestone.

 I don't know about y'all? But The Girl and I often have involved talks while we are driving....more