A White Conservative Christian Woman Who Believes in Equal Rights

It may come as a surprise that a white conservative Christian woman such as myself would support gay marriage.  But I can't deny it. I do.It was through fighting against the discrimination of the disabled and advocating for equal rights for my own daughter who lives with multple disabilites that I came to care about discrimination against and the rights of other oppressed people groups as well, including those in the LGBTQ community....more
As I reread my comment above, I can see where someone else may seem to point out my ...more

A Wedding That Should be Anything But Bittersweet

Last weekend two of our wonderful friends, Rocco and Marek, got married.  We are so incredibly happy for them and wish them all the best in their marriage.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend their wedding because Rocco and Marek are a gay couple and gay marriage in not yet legal in Nevada, so they had to travel to another state for the wedding.  I say “yet” because coincidentally Marek’s law firm, where he is a partner, is currently fighting the constitutional ban on gay marriage in Nevada.  I have very high hopes that the courts will make the right decision and o...more

Kentucky and the Great Gay Debate

Living in today's day and age, you would think that something as simple as marriage equality would be the norm.  It's not. I live in Kentucky and we are late to the "marriage equality" party....more

Gay Marriage Is Dividing Republicans

Marriage equality promises to be a forefront watershed issue for the Republican Party in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election. BlogHer Contributing Editor Erica Holloway spoke to GOP supporters of gay marriage to find out what's at stake....more
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When World Vision Stands Up -- and Love is Knocked Down

photo by Jennuine Captures I know, I know....more

9 months to go

Continued from Gay Marriage ended my Marriage... Today marks one month since we became roommates and stopped being a married couple.  It isn't easy.  Last night there were tears from both of us. More about life and the feeling of not having that other half to share with about struggles and situations than about our situation.  How do you handle holding someone you're no longer a spouse or partner to?...more

Shopping for Mr. Right...'s Sperm

My wife and I are in the process of making a family.  Well, we had the consultation.  We are now uterus deep in books, BBT tracking, Period Watch 2013 and insurance coverage language translation.  We just found out our blood types and that we are CMV negative.  Now we are talking about the potential baby daddy.  We first have to narrow down the sperm bank.  But, of course, we are getting ahead of ourselves with what to look for.  Do you look for someone who looks like your partner?...more

Gay Marriage: The Pros and Cons

Well, congratulations to the gays on everything going on today, and I hope you all are are happy that the country is finally paying attention to you. As if we haven't. For all of you who don't know, today the Supreme Court made a decision, that, to some, is about as big as that of Roe vs. Wade back in 1973. ...more

Why Have 16% of Americans Have Changed Their Minds about Same-Sex Marriage?

Today at 10:30am did a live chat at The Huffington Post about why politicians, and the rest of America, suddenly seem to be “evolving” on same-sex marriage....more