Gay Marriage: The Pros and Cons

Well, congratulations to the gays on everything going on today, and I hope you all are are happy that the country is finally paying attention to you. As if we haven't. For all of you who don't know, today the Supreme Court made a decision, that, to some, is about as big as that of Roe vs. Wade back in 1973. ...more

Why Have 16% of Americans Have Changed Their Minds about Same-Sex Marriage?

Today at 10:30am did a live chat at The Huffington Post about why politicians, and the rest of America, suddenly seem to be “evolving” on same-sex marriage....more

Do You Even Know What Love Is?

Once upon a time, the economy crashed. My husband was laid off, I worked more than an hour away for very little money, and he stayed home alone all day looking for work and taking care of infant twins.You know this. If not, here. Here it is.What you don't know is this....more

Baby Steps Don’t Mean We’re Victorious: Thoughts On Marriage Equality

When I was little, we’d play house under the trees at the back of the school field, and snatches of conversation could be heard over the grass if one walked towards the fort we had made out of grass and branches.“Boys can’t marry boys. And girls can’t marry girls. That’s just not the way it works.”“Well, we’re all girls, and someone has to be the daddy.”“Well, you’ll just have to pretend you’re a boy. We can’t get married unless you pretend.”...more

SCOTUS on Prop. 8: When Did Gays Get Into the Constitution?

Analyses, prognostications and educated guesses abound after Tuesday’s argument before the United States Supreme Court on the merits and legal technicalities of California’s Proposition 8....more
@nickelshrink Precisely why the anti-marriage equality lawyers are having such a hard time ...more

Fair and Equal

I am sure this post is going to push some buttons, but I have to go on now and get it out. Yesterday afternoon, I saw some posts that indicated a United Methodist Church in North Carolina announced that they will no longer perform “straight marriages” until there is equality for all....more

"Ender's Game" Is My Favorite Book But the Author Disappointed Me

When I first came across Ender's Shadow, I fell head over heels. It was young, it was dystopian, it was brilliant. It was one of the first books that made me think about how I acted, how people around me acted. It stayed with me for weeks after I put it down. Science fiction, tactics, reflections of historical entities...and then I realized it had a series. A prequel. Ender's Game sits proudly on our shelf at home (we have two copies!). ...more
Oh no! That is disappointing news. It's a dealbreaker of an issue for me too, in terms of being ...more

The Christian Chicken and Civil Rights

Linds here.

Sign of the Times

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

MD Question 6: Hailing Gay Marriage

Maryland voters will be voting on Question 6, to approve or reject the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would allow same-sex couples to obtain a civil marriage license and protect clergy and religious institutions from having to perform any particular marriage ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs....more