Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my father's birthday.  69 years and 1 day ago a bonny baby boy was born in Whangarei Hospital.  He was the first son of Wilson Lloyd Caldwell McConnell (really where did these names come from) and Emma Marie McConnell (nee Harrsion)  Granny said she didn't get to see him for about 24 hours but she knew he was her baby because he was the best looking in the hospital (she would say things like that - so cute)...more

To Each Their Own

There will always be someone different then you. That is what makes the world such an amazing place and life such an amazing journey. Each one of us has a place in this world.  The time has come to accept this.The time has come to evolve once again. ...more

An Honest Conversation with My Gay Friend

The other day we got together with a friend of mine from high school named Andrew*, and his boyfriend, Tom. They moved out of state earlier this year, but a business trip brought him and Tom back through town recently, and we jumped at the chance to go out to dinner with them. This was one of the first times in a long while that we'd had a chance to sit down and talk with them, just the four of us. We caught up on life and work, Andrew and I clicking as well as we always have. I wore waterproof mascara because I knew I'd end up laughing to the point of tears, which, in fact, I did....more
Regardless of my own views of gay marriage, I really wish that Christians would stop expecting ...more

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get away from all the hypocritical rhetoric on both sides of the recent Chick-Fil-A debacle.   Of course with a lot of the attention taken off of herself, Ms....more

Gay Marriage Issue Splits Black Vote

  In an election cycle rife with controversy, it’s not surprising that religious issues would come to the fore. ...more

The Absence of Gay Marriage is the Real Threat to Families

 Orginally posted at ashleystinycrumbs.blogspot.com ...more

Marriage - No Qualifiers, Just Marriage

This subject is one that has tickled the back of my mind for a while now. It's a hot topic, and thus has had hundreds if not thousands of blog posts and articles written about it. So, why another one? Because it's bugging me!Today is a big day in a few states, with voting on amendments that make gay marriage unconstitutional (NC, for example).So, what's frustrating (to me) about this topic?...more

Obama Can Change Black Hearts, Minds For Gay Rights

One of the best outcomes of Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has been the inspiration and courage it has given a lot of African-American church goers to likewise vocalize their support....more
Fantastic post Kelly, so well written! more


The New Ideal

This is a famous painting from 1638 by Peter Paul Rubins called The Three Graces. These women depict the Goddess daughters of Zeus, and in 17th century standards, they are exquisitely beautiful....more
 @FatCat  Thank you so much. :-)more