Wording in Texas Amendment Banning Gay Marriage Nullifies All Marriages After 2005 (Oops!)

A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Texas included language that effectively bans ALL MARRIAGES AFTER 2005 in Texas says Barbara Ann Radnofsky, a Houston lawyer and Democratic candidate for attorney general....more

Marriage Equality: Not Just for Today's Adults

By Mary Barber, MD, and Serena Yuan Volpp, MD The other day, our friend Sheila and her daughter Maya were talking about growing up. Sheila told her daughter, "Honey, when you grow up, I promise you'll find a nice boy to marry who will love you." Maya, who is eight years old, replied, "But Mom, I could marry a girl." Sheila stood corrected. They live in Massachusetts. ...more

US Episcopal Church Convention affirms gay clergy/bishops and does not reject same sex unions

In the past week, the Episcopalian Church in the USA took major steps at their Convention to move forward and affirm the development of liturgical material for same sex unions, and instructed local bishops to make their own decisions as they "determine what such a generous pastoral response might mean in her or his diocesan context" re performing same sex unions. Further they stated "that God has called and may call" gay and lesbian people "to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church." Some History ...more

Yes, ordination is OKd by the diocese and done by the bishop...IF the bishop agrees to the ...more

A Telemarketer Tries to Teach My Kids About Gay Marriage!?

Emmie, my 10-year-old, posed a humorous question to me yesterday, as she was making her lunch and our caller ID voice (who we think sounds just like the lady from our neighborhood Chinese restaurant) suddenly filled the air.  Emmie had just heard me say, "Don't answer it-- I recognize that name and it's a telemarketer."  She paused a moment, pouring leftover chili into a bowl, and said, "Mom, do telemarketers like getting calls from telemarketers?" What a great question.  I wonder if they do? ...more

Straight But Not Narrow

OnePinky sister, Sara, recently wrote this testimony in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month and I wanted to share it with you all: I like to say that I’m straight, but not narrow. I’m married to a man, but I can appreciate the curves of a woman just as much as I can the broad torso of a man. I might have a crush on Will Smith—but I’ve also had a little thing going for Rosario Dawson for a while (yes, Seven Pounds just made my entire year). ...more

Notes On A Sandal: What Religious Prop 8 Supporters Are Saying After Tuesday's Decision

Because it's always interesting to witness the "hate the sin; love the sinner" crowd revel in their own waste with their conservative friends, I thought I'd post some responses to yesterday's California Supreme Court ruling to continue the ban on same-sex marriage in that state:  Continue Reading:  ...more

Redrum! Redrum! NOM's New Ad Uses Children To Scare Adults

On the heels of its ridiculous "Gathering Storm" video, the  ...more

Miss CA's Newest Saviors — Implants!

This morning on The Early Show, Keith Lewis, a Miss California Pageant official, confirmed a Wednesday night Access Hollywood report that contestant Carrie Prejean received free breast implants that were paid for by the pageant weeks before the Miss USA competition. ...more

The End of the Rope

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Pimping of Wry to bang you over the head with something not funny at all. ...more

Riders On The Storm

Last week, the National Organization for Marriage(NOM), a group with a self-declared "mission to protect  ...more