The Iowa Supreme Court Decision & Same Sex Marriage

Back in December, I wrote, Gay Marriage is a Human Right, Not a Religious Issue and rooted my argument in the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution and then to a lesser extend, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its provision that marriage and procreation are fundamental human rights.  ...more

I don't think it's an accident that this court made this opinion "cert proof".  For ...more

Marriages I'd Like To Annul

Marriages I’d Like to Annul, Part One ...more

Adam and Eve, they never got married, they lived in sin and had ...more

Blog Carnival: Freedom to Marry 2009

Hi,  I'm organizing a blog carnival celebrating Freedom to Marry week, and I am writing to invite you  to join in and even promote it if you like the idea. It's the one following the phrase, something old, something new, etc.   All the details are here: , and it starts next week on Tuesday. Please? Have a good weekend, Robin-- Robin Reagler ...more

Gay Marriage is a Human Right, not a Religious Issue

Gay Marriage is a Human Right, not a Religious Issue Fellow blogger Tim Weaver agreed to cross-post this essay on his blog, Not So Subtle:  Radically Independent Politics.  I like his writing a lot, so you may too.  ...more

Let our voices be heard!

As the 9th of the December draws near, I feel this bubble deep inside grow.  A bubble of emotions that I'm not sure I've ever really felt before.  This bubble encompasses a whole range of emotions.  Part of the emotional bubble is a tremendous amount of pride.  Proud that in my small state of Iowa there is a chance that I will have equal rights.  Proud that finally the GLBT community as a whole is finally standing up and saying enough is enough, we count too!  Proud of myself for choosing to be there, no matter who migh ...more

Don't we count too??

December 9th marks a very important day in my home state of Iowa (again, the corn state, not the potato state).  At 10 AM on Tuesday, December 9th, the Iowa State Supreme Court will hear opening arguments for a case that will hopefully change the history of this great state.  It could very well be the beginning of loving same-sex couples getting the right to be married, just like every heterosexual couple that walks this planet.  As identifying as one of those same sex couples that would love to have this right, this is a ...more

No, they can't "marry"

Working at a wine shop is not quite like being a bartender, but one does hear stories, and one does get a chance to observe human nature. What I notice more than anything else in my customers across the counter, it seems, are the love troubles of an aging Baby Boom generation. To be fair, I do see them at a certain time of the day, and when they are soaking up a certain kind of influence on their emotions and garrulity. One man, a widower nearing sixty, is frankly "trying to meet women," but he's an anomaly. ...more

This is how far we have come


The Argument Against Prop 8

I could vote NO on Proposition 8 because I have gay friends and relatives who would want me to. I could vote NO on Proposition 8 because I don't care that much if gay people get married because it doesn't really affect me directly. But those reasons are the weak side of the argument. ...more

The Sanctity of Marriage

Lately, my friends have been encouraging me to join groups preserving the sanctity of marriage, which as a part of my LDS religion, is something that I should automatically be willing to do.  I don't join them, though.  That's not to say that I believe that there is something wrong with marriage or that marriage should not be something sacred. ...more

It is refreshing and important for those of us working actively against Prop 8 to remember ...more