Mother of Gay Son Ponders Gay Dad Project

“I’m gonna getcha,” cried my son who had just arrived home from his first fall at college. It was Christmas and our extended family was gathered to celebrate. He, this newly formed man, was on all fours scrambling after his toddler cousin. Our collective laughter spiraled the room as the new-to-walking little boy mimicked Frankenstein in his efforts to get away. My son scooped his cousin up and razzed the baby’s belly creating fits of giggles for them both. Later, my son asked, “Mom, do you think I’ll be a good father?”...more
Our oldest, 18, is also gay.  And I enjoyed your article very much.   I will say this.  Whether ...more

Idiot Parents and Psycho Kids, Does Not a Good Family Make

Be prepared for controversy today. I know some of you may have strong opinions on this one, but hear me out... ...more

Being the Support Staff

It is so odd to be going through this whole process and experience on this side of the coin.  I mean, I've had two babies and remember all too well all of the ins and outs of pregnancy - but this is wild!  I'm getting something that a great deal of women will never experience.  I'm getting a glimpse of what it must be like for men who are in the role of expectant father!  I think the only difference is that because I AM a woman, with the same hormones as my lovely, expectant wife, I have been experiencing many of the same symptoms as her!  Sympathetic or PMS, I don'...more

Surreal indeed. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes!more

Elton John's Baby a Danger to "Young Shoppers" in Arkansas?

It’s the height of silly, really, since to look at the magazine, you wouldn’t necessarily even know you were looking at a gay couple and their baby. And, as the GLBT group pointed out, it isn’t exactly Hustler. Let’s face it, Elton John has seen his sexiest days. And even if they did realize they were looking at gay dads, I’m pretty sure no young shoppers were harmed by the magazine cover before the shield was put up or after it was removed. ...more

My whole family is from Arkansas. I have spent, probably, a total of five years there, if you ...more

Gay Parenting and the Conservative Christian Mom

As a conservative Christian mom, I get looks whenever presumed "offensive" topics come into play. For instance, the "2 Gay Dad" issue. I like two shows with two gay dads and I also have a few gay friends who eventually will want to adopt. There's this assumption I will be outraged and come flying out with my Bible to protest. I assure you, I am not waiting in the shadows ready to pop out with my judgments. Quite the contrary. I'm never going to believe that homosexuality is not a sin, that's my religious belief based on the Bible....more