Beyond the Birds and the Bees: "Mom, How Do Gay People Get Babies?"

The other day my nine-year-old cocked his head over to one side, the way he does when he has a very serious question for me. "Mom," he said, "I know you got kids because you were married to daddy before and you made us with daddy..." I tried hard not to look panicked and braced myself for what I was certain was about to turn into a sex talk with a nine-year-old. "Mmmmhmm, that's true," I said. "Well," he put his little hand on my arm and looked me square in the eye, "Mom, how do gay people get babies?"...more
@SHembree Yes indeed! "From the mouths of babes" is right on. more

Playing Politics at the Expense of Children

File this one under cheap election year politics (even if it’s not quite election year, the gentlemen have started their engines). Arizona has passed a new law directing child welfare professionals to favor married couples over singles or unmarried couples (code for same-sex couples, really) in child placement decisions whether adoption or foster care, "if all other factors are equal." ...more

My BFF lives in Tucson, Nancy and it's so beautiful and evocative, I have set major parts of ...more