A Brief History of Gay Pride Parades

Our great city of St. Petersburg, Fl is having its annual Pride Festival this weekend, and it got me thinking– exactly when was the very first gay pride parade in America, and where was it?Civil Rights...more

I'm an Ally and I Know It

Would you believe that I had to spend ten minutes of my busy day today writing a Facebook message to an acquaintance about why I’m an ally of the LGBTQ community. Why did I do it? Because I was sent a message asking if my sister-in-law was gay and questioning my (Christian) faith. Sorry, folks, but I’m an Ally and I know it....more

Wanna get married? (Plus a raw paté salad and the weekly round-up)

Wanna get married?Happy Pride Day!Today I feel so much pride myself. Proud to be a New Yorker. Proud to live in a state that has given the right to my lesbian and gay friends to marry. Because their love for one another is as real and valid as my love for my husband.So, gay and lesbian readers, if you want to come to New York to get married, I happen to be ordained (I’ve married four couples to date).  It would be my privilege!...more

Straight But Not Narrow

OnePinky sister, Sara, recently wrote this testimony in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month and I wanted to share it with you all: I like to say that I’m straight, but not narrow. I’m married to a man, but I can appreciate the curves of a woman just as much as I can the broad torso of a man. I might have a crush on Will Smith—but I’ve also had a little thing going for Rosario Dawson for a while (yes, Seven Pounds just made my entire year). ...more

A Word on Lesbian Hair...

The other day I was filling out yet another FaceBook questionnaire when I ran across the following question: "15. Do you like your hair?" This inspired me to begin a whole blog, because the topic is actually quite broad when asked of a lesbian who is not of the L Word variety.  Heck, for all I know, it’s a broad topic when it is asked of an L Word variety lesbian.  But I’m not one, and I’ve noticed an extreme deficiency among social commentaries from my end of the block when regarding lesbian hair. ...more

...when you wrote it. You make so many very good points!

I have a good friend who is both ...more

Gay India comes out in force

When I posted about sexual minorities in India few weeks back, I didn't imagine India's gay community would take this leap so soon: On June 29, hundreds of gays, lesbians and transgenders marched on the streets of the country's capital city, New Delhi, tech hub Bangalore (Bengaluru), and culture-conscious Kolkata (Calcutta), making it India's first multiple-city gay pride parade. ...more

Thanks, Nita! Waiting eagerly for your post.

Yes, alternative sexuality is still ...more

I Confess, I've Never Gone to a Pride Parade

Holy cow, it's the middle of June already! Where does the time go? ...more

I have similar thoughts to Denise over whether to take children to Pride. I think it's a ...more