Michelle Obama (Plus Blake Lively, Whoopi Goldberg & Other Hollywood Stars) on How to Break Into Hollywood

What does it take to make it in entertainment? In the first Careers In Film Symposium at the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced high school students to heavy Hollywood hitters, including actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Blake Lively, superproducer Harvey Weinstein, and Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler, to explore the question. ...more
That's awesome, Melissa. Thanks for sharing.more

[Video] From TEDxWomen: Gayle King Talks to Pat Mitchell

Emmy Award–winning journalist Gayle King took the stage of The Paley Center Tuesday night....more

(VIDEO) Oprah Talks to Barbara Walters on Friendship, Rumors, Stedman

The rumors are true. Well, one rumor. Everyone cries when they are interviewed by Barbara Walters. Or, at least Oprah did even though she said she really didn't want to do so. In the interview set to air tonight, Oprah let down her guard and talked about herself and her relationships, something we don't always get to hear about as she's usually doing the interviewing. ...more

In addition to finding Oprah's comments about her best friend so touching I was pleased to hear ...more