Under The Rainbow: How The Pride Flag Really Began

With pride months growing in popularity all over the world, the sight of the rainbow flag is becoming ever more present in today's society....more

My Bisexuality Is Real, Valid, and Simply Who I Am

When I talk about being bisexual, my mother always scrunches up her nose a little. “You mean, you’re AC/DC, right?” she’ll ask, as if I’m a battery that can do double duty power frequencies or an ‘80s rock band. Then she’ll smile. “It’s really the best of both worlds, though.”...more
Good article, but it makes me see how even with all the changes in acceptance of the LBGT ...more

Death of a Reluctant Lesbian - Ode to my mother

I said goodbye to my motherʼs physical form five months ago exactly - ironically today is also Gay Pride Parade day in NYC.   It's a double anniversary of sorts, as Mama passed on another very auspicious occasion, my sonʼs 11th birthday.   Despite not having parade kind of energy today, I still wanted to do something to honor my mother, and our family....more
Lisa Stone Thank you for the kind support. This am I did some edits (writing is rewriting, ...more