FF - Guest Geek

Today, for the first time ever, I have a guest blogger! Please welcome New Hampshire author J.E. Seymour to the Fandom Friday space. The Geekiest Place on Earth by J.E. Seymour ...more

FF - I heart The X-Files

They're baa-aack...And yes, technically Carol Anne and crew are also back (although our favorite spooky child is now named Madison), but I'm talking about the spectacular spookiness that launched a thousand 'shippers.https://twitter.com/gilliana/status/580418104011972609...more

FF - I heart iZOMBIE

After watching the third episode of the new show, iZombie with hubby and the eldest, I feel it is safe to declare my love for this latest based-on-a-comic-book offering. The main character is Liv - a medical resident with the perfect life, perfect fiancé, and perfect future. In short order, she goes from this -...more

I heart love

As we learned in the colorful episode of The Powerpuff Girls, Mime for a Change...Love Makes the World Go 'Round.In that spirit, when I saw the following messages pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, written by my cyber-friend Natali, I knew it was time to break out the crayons and channel my inner Bubble....more

FF - Must See Cyber TV

For this installment of Fandom Friday, I decided to dig deep in the archives of my former blog, and you'll never guess (you being any fellow RvBers peeking in) what I found! A fangirl post about Jesse Cowell!...more

FF - The one I love

Okay, technically, I have had many loves. In fact, too many to count. To be honest, I don't even know if I could remember all their names at the moment, there have been so many. But there was that one, in the beginning (not my first but definitely my most intense) who stands out, head and shoulders above the rest. The one who makes me forget all the others, and the moment I hear their name, I get lost in that madness all over again....more

Blog on!

November was a tremendous learning experience for me. I was able to complete both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo, and when it was done, I still felt the urge to sit at the keyboard and peck away (unlike past years, when I felt creatively burnt out well into the new year)....more

Money can buy happiness

Happy Freakout (aka Black) Friday! Rather than spending the day shopping, I decided to hang at home, meander memory lane with my mother, chat with my children, and hope for hubby to return home soon. Oh, and wrangle words - here are a few more from my former, fictional self.Money Can Buy HappinessPosted by InternetGeek at September 23, 2005 02:56 PMRetail therapy SOOOO works!...more

Don't worry, be hoppy

Nope, not a typo - I meant hoppy. I promise it will make sense when I'm done. What doesn't make sense (or does it? *grin*) is that I've noticed the blog entries I've written as my alter ego, Catherine Trevor (aka InternetG33k) have garnered more attention than my non-fiction stuff. For the moment, I will continue posting a few of my favorite G33k entries, then I will seriously consider resurrecting my fictional self for future installments.Don’t Worry, Be HoppyPosted by InternetGeek at October 7, 2005 06:16 PM...more

Of Demons and Glow-ons

Yesterday, our son (seventeen) made me a proud g33k mommy. He was telling me about a new guild he set up with some friends on WoW. He mentioned that they made a tabard, and asked me to guess which symbol they used....more