Internet to Girl Geeks: The Force is With You!

When I told my kids that a seven year old in our neck of the woods was bullied for taking a Star Wars water bottle to school, they didn't get it. There was silence -- they were waiting for the punchline. Did the water bottle have the wrong Star Wars characters on it? Had she drawn some pink bows on Darth Vader? There had to be some other reason. It simply made no sense to them that she would be picked on simply because she's a girl who likes Star Wars. ...more

I always had my WONDER WOMAN T-shirts and still wear them til this day. I used to take my ...more

Gimme the Geek Girl, and Free My Soul

Back when Entertainment Weekly voted 2007 as the Year of the Geek, I was distressed and pissed to realize that they meant male geek. Somehow, despite my rant on the topic, not much has changed since then. Where's the love for geeky girls and ladies? ...more

I can dress it up with lashes, and glittery eyes, but don't be fooled I am a GEEK GIRL through ...more