Cool Off With Gelato - 11 flavors

Eleven tasty flavors you can make at home in your ice cream maker machine.

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas

At least when it comes to the gelato I sampled this evening.First full day at the National Communication Association convention in Vegas. Enjoyed a damn fine private pre-conference with my dear friend Amy Way. We worked on presentations, scouted grants and continued our plots to take over the world. There was even “running,” cheap Thai, and an outrageously decadent dinner.Vegas isn’t my favorite conference location (my lungs may never forgive me), but we’re making the most of it....more

16 Cold Summer Treats

From fresh popsicles to drinks and smoothies, to lots of stay cool this summer!

Espresso-Coffee Gelato

Coffee flavored ice cream...Italian style. Fabulous alone and very delicious with anything chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Gelato

Vanilla gelato serves as a neutral base for chocolate chips or other flavors and textures to make it your own.

Raspberry Gelato

An alternative to traditional ice cream - Raspberry Gelato...made with fresh raspberry puree.

What is your favorite ice cream this summer?

What is your favorite flavor/brand of ice cream this summer?Mine is Tiramisu Gelato from Italy by Siviero Maria.It is so hot outside here in the South in the summer that we eats lots of ice cream and sorbet. Each summer we look forward to making our own and also trying out new flavors that are available at the grocery store.This summer we are madly in love with tiramisu gelato. Yum!...more
@Karen Ballum  My second-runner up this summer is Haagen-Dazs Bourbon Pecan Praline. Wait, I'm ...more

Strawberry Gelato

A pint of fresh strawberries contribute amazing flavor to this gelato.

Milk Chocolate Gelato

Milk chocolate gelato...good for the soul!