What Different Generations Want in the Workplace

I always say that the thing that surprised me the most about owning a business was just how much goes in to keeping up a positive work environment. I am so fortunate to work with a very kind, hard-working team, but, as in every office, the key is to make sure everyone remains kind and hard-working. Between scheduling time off for vacations, salary raise requests, and general business suggestions, there’s a lot to tend to that doesn’t have much to do with your actual business, but everything to do with your employees....more

What Gen-Y Employees Want From a Company

As small businesses continue to pop up like daisies in America, the need for employees will always be relevant to some degree despite the constant economy worry. When a new business opens, it needs employees to help it run. And now more than ever, small businesses are turning to recent graduates to fill those spaces. Being young and having a grasp on what works for a younger demographic makes them a valuable asset to any team. ...more

Adventures in Growing Up: Salary Negotiation

I've never really negotiated my salary before. In part, that's because the only job I've ever been offered for that I realized had a too-low starting salary was my first one out of college, and I was in no place to refuse any work at that point. In part, though, it's been because the idea of negotiation makes me uncomfortable. With women still at something less than 80 cents to the male dollar, it's a big deal. ...more

I'm out of work at present yet I turned down a job recently because their offer was way too low. ...more

Social Media, Here We Come, or A Baby Boomer’s First Ten Days on Twitter

I can’t claim I was dragged kicking and screaming into this Twitter thing. I paid tuition for Sree Sreenivasan's Social Media course at the Columbia Journalism School . I took the subway uptown. I sat down in a class. Actually, first I had a meeting re reunion business at Barnard and then dashed across Broadway at 116th Street, raced down the steps toward the Columbia library (noting that the lawn is draped in white—seeding?), and hung a sharp right into the Journalism building, where I had not been since . since a long time ago....more

3 Books on How to Help GenY Become Adults

The stories are all over the newspapers. The younger generation known as GenY, Millennials or Digital Natives do not want to grow up and become adults. I have found three excellent books that explore the reasons why, and what we as parents can do to ensure that this next generation grows up to lead happy and healthy adult lives. ...more

Back to the Future

We have focused on all the positives winter break brings to the empty nest.  Family bonding time along with vacations and special events/holidays shared remind us what it really means to be surrounded by those closest to us. Observing the maturation process our young adults have undergone up close rather than through email or text fills us with pride. As with everything in life, we must take the good with the not so good....more

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes.

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes....more

Workplace Differences: Gen Y Beat Up By Gen X?

Is it just because Gen Y entered the workforce, or is there another reason this topic of generational differences in the workplace has bubbled to the top of the conversation?  Truthfully, I never gave it any thought before I heard Jennifer Gleeson Blue and Maria van Hekken talk on the subject last June.  I spent over 17 years in Corporate America so of course I knew there were differences in the way that people of different ages worked, but that's about as much gra...more

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Incorporating Gen Yers into the Business World

Gen Yers, or Millennials, are taking the business world by storm, and you’re probably hiring them, realizing what fantastic new skills they possess and wondering how you can a) keep up with them and b) challenge them enough to stay on board! From my experience, these are the things this generation is looking for in a work environment. ...more