Hurry Up And Wait: With Final Senate Vote on Health Care Complete, The Real Fun Begins

Vice President Joe Biden led the Senate this morning while his colleagues voted from their seats in favor of Senate Bill 3590 (aka "Senate Health Care Bill" aka "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"). The vote was 60-39 along party lines, as expected....more

Poetry Friday: Poetry and the Provocative

Do women write or want to write “female poetry”?...more

Caster Semenya's on Suicide Watch: What If She Were Your Child?

What if this were your child, champion South African runner Caster Semenya? ...more

Caster's story shows us how cruel and competitive people can be.

She is an athlete, that is ...more

Questioning Gender

Before we dig into the latest gender news, be sure to read Rita's post, Transgendered Children. It's important that you hear that story before you dig into the story of Pop, the child being raised without gender. ...more

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Caster(ation): South African Runner Sprints into Gender Controversy

Mashups are all the current rage from photographs and graphic media to musicians looping classical or jazz riffs throughout their urban beats and world grooves.  These efforts are lauded as bold innovations, explosions of creativity, and daring advancements in art and industry.  In nature, when mashups occur they are problems, labled "disorders" requiring correction.  ...more

Biological Gender Questioned of Athlete, Caster Semenya

18-year-old Caster Semenya of South Africa, won the Women’s 800 Meter in the World Championships by a long shot over other female contenders. ...more

That has to be absolutely humiliating for that poor woman.  Imagine what that must feel like ...more

Busting Bogus Biology and Beliefs

by Mahin Hassibi  from On The Issues Magazine ...more

Sonia Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings:Political Theater At Its Finest

If nomination hearings are political theater, then a Supreme Court nomination hearing must rank as Capitol Hill's version of Broadway (or at times, the Met.) In that context, Judge Sonia Sotomayor's star turn ranks as one of the most highly-anticipated debuts in American political history. ...more

 Thanks for the pointer to your post, Nordette, which I enjoyed. The spate of books about the ...more

Travel: It's Different for Girls

I confess, I got a little irritated when I clicked through to read this post on Travelblogs: Do Solo Female Travellers have it Easier than Guys Travelling Alone? I sputtered over the title alone -- I couldn't decide if it was a joke or not. Solo female travelers having it easier than guys? ...more

Its interesting post and views. travelling, indeed is a different experience between men and ...more

6-13-09 ...A Third Word on Lesbian Hair

I have decided that there is a serious need to teach pluralism in beauty and fashion.  I’m not talking about feminizing “androgyny,” and I’m not talking about heaving a person across gender lines to the extent that his/her full on gender expression/identity is imposed upon, either.  I’m talking about serious, honest to God pluralism.  The kind that opens our eyes to see more than One, OR the O ...more