More Things You Can Do Right Now To Guarantee Equal Pay for Women

 “You can have everything you want.  You just have to quit waiting for someone to tell you that you deserve it.” – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ...more

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Guarantee Equal Pay for Women

 “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” – Alice Walker ...more

In Defense of Non-Custodial Mothers

Recently, The Huffington Post ran an article that featured a mother's regret for leaving her children with their father post-divorce. She explained that the divorce left her feeling emotionally and psychologically fragile and she chose to live with relatives for a few years in order to regroup. She went on to explain that she regretted the decision, but it was the best one she had at time. ...more
I'm a believer in doing what is best for the child.  Inherently a baby does not prefer the ...more

Being a Woman is not a “Pre-Existing Condition”

Why Women 18-35 Pay the Highest Price for Health CareDid you know that women, especially 18-35 year old women, pay up to 31% more than men for insurance? And, not because they have more “complicated” health care needs. I’m talking about apples-to- apples coverage unrelated to, say, pregnancy. ...more

Lego Thinks Girls and Boys Can't Play Together

Oh, Lego. Please don't make me hate you....more
It blows my mind that some people don't see Lego as a girl's toy. Do you know how much time I ...more

When public schools don't teach our kids the whole truth it hurts their success rate.

As we move through another campaign year for the U.S. presidency, there’s bound to be a lot of talk about our ailing public education system. The question “should we set aside more money for education or defund it?” will certainly bubble up. While I know it’s important that our education lobbyists’ struggle for a larger piece of the general budget, money is not the only thing we should be discussing.  ...more

Bubble Girl Meets Reality Check: Yes Virginia, Some Dorks DO (Still) Harass Women!

I have just realized that I live in a bubble. I am now in my 5th Fortune 500 Company, actually 6th if you count that I worked in the London and US entities for Citigroup...and today I read two blog posts that have me shaking my head. First this one: Cigna  where the woman doesn't get the promotion because she's "aggressive"....more

Although I admit a violent option appeals very strongly - especially if I met a donut boy (or a ...more

What NOT to Buy a Geek Mom for Mother's Day (or: Why I Hate Tech Targeted "To Women")

Here, I'm going to give you a little spoiler: don't buy Mom any tech that's targeted to Moms. Period.I came across an article on Ubergizmo for a rumored new HTC Bliss phone, which is being touted as an Android phone for women.Now, being a Droid lover I like to check out new Droid phones. But being a woman, especially a geeky one, I did not like the sound of a phone marketed to women. By that, all I could think was that it's really for Moms and that could only mean......more

Do boys outnumber girls in the TV shows your kids watch?

Thinking we are closing the gender gap in the workplace, I assumed the same goes for TV and movies. Unfortunately, male characters still dominate movies and TV for kids. And the impact of a bias that goes undetected is shocking....more

I agree! I think many of the reality shows are inappropriate for younger kids. However, if you ...more

Reading By Gender: Do I Need a Reverse Penis Embargo?

With "The Great Literary Penis Embargo of 2010," blogger Jodi Chromey has me thinking about what I read. How many books do you read that are written by women? How many by men? Are the two numbers close? What happens when you break it down by type of book -- for example, literary fiction versus genre fiction? Does the pendulum then sway to one direction? ...more

Or wait, maybe I had! I'm not at my personal bookshelf right now, but I think a large percentage ...more