Closing the “So Close, But So Far” Gap for Women

Jennifer Christie, Chief Diversity Officer at American Express, talks about a key component that keeps women from getting to the top of the corporate ladder. ...more

How to Negotiate Your Salary

It has been shown over and over that women tend to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) on the table over the course of their careers simply because they did not ask for more. Whether it is because of the gender wage gap or some other phenomenon, the bottom line is, if you don't ask you definitely won't receive. ...more Absolutely! as a contractor or entrepreneur you are negotiating much ...more

Has the gender gap finally closed?

Although we may be a while off in the workforce, we're certainly setting a trend at University. A recent report by the BBC, delving into the decline in University applications this year, has pointed out that more women are applying for courses than men. Are we surprised? Not necessarily. ...more

The Generation Gap: The Real Story in the Mid-Term Elections

The gains Republicans made among women voters has been one of the main storylines of the 2010 mid-term elections.  Despite these gains, the gender gap has persisted and according to the Center for American Women in Politics: “was at least as evident in 2010, a year of substantial Republican gains, as it was in 2008, a year when Democrats were elected in large numbers.”...more

Male Studies - An Educational Option or Just Hating Women?

Reposted from Life: Forward:   Hearing the vitriol of the Ignorant Men Holding Hands and Hating Feminists was slightly disturbing, but since they seem to be made up of less than ten ...more

Oscar is Still Such a Dude: Where are the Films about Women's Lives?

The nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced this week, and despite a whooping 10 films nominated for Best Picture, once again Hollywood proves to be no country for old women. Or young women, really. Or at least the Best Picture nominees show us that as far as the content of Oscar-caliber films goes, the stories of women's lives don't tend to be made and don't tend to be celebrated in equity with stories about men's lives. ...more

I love your ideas for the alternative to the typical story lines, Deb. I would see those movies, ...more

Women Leaders: Grit Required

An article in today's Wall Street Journal says female executives identify with the scrutiny Hillary Clinton is experiencing as she campaigns to be president. The story touches on Catalyst's recent report on women in the workplace, which I blogged about last week. ...more