My flippin' scar

If it weren’t for the scar on my shoulder, I’d probably forget that I ever did gymnastics.It puzzles me still how I ended up enrolled in a gymnastics class at our local YMCA. Maybe I had watched Nadia too many times on TV because it was more likely you’d find me with my nose glued to the tube or buried in a book than exercising. Writing that makes it obvious why my parents wanted me to be active, yet why gymnastics, the epitome of "girly" sports?...more

From Chastity to Chaz

I was born in 1963, which makes me 45 years old (for just a few more months.) This is important because it means that I grew up watching The Sonny & Cher show. I LOVED The Sonny & Cher show. I mean you didn't see women like Cher walking through the Piggly Wiggly and you certainly didn't see women talk to their husbands the way Cher talked to hers. And then there was Chastity. The best shows were the ones where Chastity appeared, usually singing "I Got You Babe" along with her parents. I loved that. ...more

shows up each time the subject of transfolk is broached. I get that for most, it is a figure of ...more

Gender bias and children’s underwear

Yeah, you read that right.  Want to go back and read the headline again?  Okay.  Now that we’re all together, have I got a topic for today!...more

The Bear right now is wearing Handy Manny briefs to school today because she LOVES Handy Manny ...more

Sequins don't make you gay

or an Early Childhood Education guide to gender identity development. (which hardly seemed a glamorous and exciting title) ...more

about being a teacher of young children was the opportunity to provoke them in this way - their ...more

Pink Frilly Dresses Phase (PFD): Will Our Girls Outgrow It?

I know that little girls like to dress up. I was a young girl once. I raised a daughter. I have a granddaughter. Dressing up is fine. ...more

I experienced the same thing with my daughter and son who were 22 months apart. They had the ...more

Butch dyke wrangles eyelash curler...and likes it?!

Butch. Dyke. Two in-your-face words that, since I've been out, I've been comfortable and happy using to describe myself.   "Butch" and "dyke" both say things about how people perceive themselves on the inside, but in the lesbian community there's a difference of opinon when it comes to deciding how much those terms say about defining a woman's outward appearance. To me, being a butch dyke means I can take care of myself. It means I feel strong and independent....more

Hi Nordette-
I'm glad you replied to my post. You say you wonder if you're naieve or have your ...more

Feminism: What Does it Mean Today?

In the fall of 2007, two 23 year olds, Emma Bernstein and Nona Willis Aronowitz set out on a road trip across the U.S. to ask 20 somethings what feminism means to them....more

Poetry Friday: Poetry and the Provocative

Do women write or want to write “female poetry”?...more

My Son, The Cross Dresser

BlogHer Contributing Editor Rita Arens recently posted about a mother and her transgendered child. Rita offered lots of wonderful insight and resources. Except the kind that matters. The kind that comes from someone whose been there. The politics around children who have the courage to resist the gender straight jacket have left those same children adrift. Sometimes a child just wants the freedom to explore. S/he isn't trying to make a statement about our society and its penchant for homophobia and misogyny. ...more

Hey Fredoo -

Its great that you are able to keep exploring and testing and figuring out ...more