Gender Marketing: Now Stinking Up the Room with Candles!

Before reading further, take a good look at the picture. It blends oddly well with the purple leather chair that my husband bought through Craig's List several years ago, so you may have to squint. Also, you may refuse to believe the image your eyeballs are sending to your brain. That's OK. I'll wait. ...more
@Denise  @bellejarblog OMG.  It would be AWESOME.more

OMG! I'm Going to Be a Grandmother and I Hate Gender Marketing

When I hijacked TW and told her we were going to Toys R Us for inspiration for my blog post about all of the baby gear parents have nowadays, she heckled. Inspiration at the toy store? Impossible. We'd just be frustrated and grouchy! Which is generally true, but I was prepared for all of the things that generally bug me about toy stores. ...more
I had to laugh when reading this because I never realized how often this was done.  Barbie for ...more

Deodorant Discrimination Stinks

Perhaps here is proof that I have too much time on my hands these days. While buying deodorant at my nearest convenient drugstore chain (Duane Reade), I noticed that the price of deodorants designed for men and those designed for women was the same. I spent at least 40 minutes looking at every deodorant product on the shelf, logging the prices in my BlackBerry, and getting angrier by the second. What I found: men's deodorant sticks contained as much as three ounces more of deodorant than women's did. ...more

This holds true with dry cleaning as well. Men's button down dress shirts are a mere $1.50 ...more

The Battle of the Bikini Line

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of dreaded bathing suit season - er, I mean, summer - which means it is that time of the year that the front in the war against body hair moves a bit higher up on the leg to the Bikini Line. The Bikini Line is not unlike the Maginot Line in that the enemy is going to find a way around it, and new tools of defense are constantly being introduced for those who refuse to surrender and just buy board shorts. ...more

I'm all about shaving my vagoo. I think it's gross when it's unshaved, and REALLY itchy. ...more

The New Chocolate Finger of Pleasure

Last May, my husband's boss asked him to move to London to open a new office. If he accepted this mission, we'd be there for four years. The potential move sparked mixed emotions in me. Although I've lived away from my family for the past 14 years, it is pretty easy to hop on a plane from New York to Chicago for a visit. From London, that's a much bigger journey. Leaving all my friends behind also pained me. On the other hand, I love London, and always wanted to live there for a spell. There are many reasons for this, but I fess up that one of them is how much I love British chocolate. I feared moving there and gained 100 pounds from all the candy bars I'd cram down my lonely gullet. ...more

You'll love my post on bikini waxing ...more