The Makeup Bag, or I'm the Worst Gender-Neutral Parent Ever, Part II

You might remember my writing a little piece called The Purse almost a year ago, discussing my feelings around my son wandering the living room with a purple beflowered handbag, filled to the brim with Matchbox cars.Well, today, I'm here with the sequel....more
Why you put make-up on Mommy?   Because it makes mommies feel pretty. And while you wouldn't ...more

Can Any Family Really Be Gender Neutral?

I bought my daughter a My First Purse for Christmas, complete with "lipstick," a mirror, a "cell phone," and keys. A few mornings ago, I watched as her twin brother carried the purse, on his forearm, stashing stray toys from around the living room inside. Cognitively, I knew that he was merely carrying toys in a bag. Cognitively, I knew this was an all-but-perfect solution to his older brother snatching toys from his hands and running away. But emotionally? Emotionally, I was fighting quite a battle. ...more
Ignore the stereotypes and let your children explore and enjoy without constant redirection.  ...more

A Crisis of Faith: Gender-Neutral Parenting in a Gender-Obsessed World

Driving down a rural road, tears welling in my eyes, my voice scaling octaves and my hands banging the steering wheel as the breakdown I never saw coming comes barreling toward me like a freight train.I was on my way to Kohl's.  To buy running shoes.Track shoes, to be exact, for my son.  The same son we drove hundreds of miles to Kansas for the national USATF meet last year.  Shoes that same son wasn't sure he wanted....more
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