Equal Pay Day... For Moms?

Equal Pay Day arrives this year on April 12, representing the extra three months and 12 days it takes a full-time, year round working woman to earn on average what a full-time, year round working man did in 2015....more

Women's Pay: Starting Behind, Never Catching Up

Crack researchers at the American Association of University Women (AAUW) have long been seeking the reasons behind the the difference in men's and women's earnings. New findings with far reaching implications were revealed as they unveiled their report, "Graduating to a Pay Gap", via a briefing and live webcast from Washington DC....more
I don't think that "undoubtably, gender discrimination plays a role." Women do not negotiate ...more

Is a pay-gap audit the only way forward?

Despite equal-pay legislation being in place for 40 years, the UK gender pay gap remains one of the highest in the EU. On average women in the UK earn about 15% less than men. And in London the pay gap is higher at 23%....more

Things that make my head burst into flames

I've been working in my chosen career since I was nineteen years old. I started as a part-time college intern....more

Paycheck Equity

I swear that I will one day get over the miserableness that was the previous ensuing decade, but for now I will continue to harp on yet another failure of the previous decade. In January 2009, President Obama started the year off right by signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law. The Act righted a serious offense committed by the Supreme Court, which had ruled that discriminating against women by paying them less than men for doing the same (or even better work) was perfectly fine as long as companies kept it secret for a really long time. ...more

Celebrating the Gender Pay Gap on Labor Day

Today is Labor Day, the federal holiday in which we honor working people by giving them a day off (unless they work in retail or emergency services) and offering exciting sales to entice people to use their day off to spend their hard-earned money. Recently, Bitch PhD lamented the words of a student enrolled in her gender studies class. The student complained: ...more

I've been thinking about your comment since Monday, and every time I come to that last point - ...more