Who Drives and Who Holds On? Motorcycles and Feminism

How a man and woman riding on a motorcycle made me think twice about power....more

Sex in Music: Grammy Edition (NSFW)

The existence of stereotyped, objectifying, explicit content in mainstream music is one thing. The rewarding of it is quite another. And that is where the problem lies for me. In this post I look at exactly what kinds of music is being celebrated by the Grammy Awards in 2016. NOTE: This post includes explicit language and imagery....more

The Emmys & The Latin Female Form- Sexism, Stereotypes & Not So Funny Jokes



When my son Webster was about 2 years old, he inherited a large fully equipped bright pink doll house.  He was not yet conditioned to associate the color or the function with a traditional toy for girls and he loved it.  His play involved putting out fires in the building, Spiderman fighting Venom on the roof, and rescuing the dolls from dinosaur attacks. Meanwhile, girls visiting for playdates had tea parties, put the dolls to bed, and made dinner in the kitchen.  Fast forward a year or so to Webster sitting in a sandbox playing with a boy a couple of years older than him. Webster picks up a pink shovel and his play date quickly points out that pink is for girls and thus initiates the beginning of the end for the pink doll house....more

What Do You Think of Pantene's New "Feminist" Ad?

So I came across Pantene’s new commercial for the Philippines. On the surface, it comes off as a powerful statement — one that shows how powerful men are revered in the business world versus how powerful women are looked at as “pushy,” and “bossy.”Watch it for yourself:...more

Tickled pink

I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera.Santa Claus was at the bonus Home Depot Kids Workshop the Saturday after Thanksgiving. While I knew Philip wouldn’t pose for a photo on the stranger’s lap, I thought I could at least snap a picture of him standing near the jolly old elf....more

The Confines of Colors and Masculine Roles

This is the snake N picked out at the zoo last month, resting snugly in the jack-o-lantern bucket N picked out for Halloween:...more

Cinderello? On buying my little boy a princess dress.

I’ve come to really love Monday mornings. They are like reaching land after being lost at sea for a few days. Our weekend wasn’t bad in any way, but it wasn’t overly relaxed in any way either; such is the norm with young children, in our family at least. And so I think of Mondays, when T takes the boys to school and I can stay in my PJs until pick-up if I wish, as a much-needed bit of quiet R&R. By 8:30, I’m on my own which feels like such unbelievable luxury....more

Domestic Violence Affects Men Too

Hollywood actor Emma Roberts was recently arrested in Montreal on domestic violence (DV) charges. She and her boyfriend had gotten into a heated dispute that attracted the attention of other guests in the hotel where they were staying. Police were called and found Roberts' boyfriend, Evan Peters, with a bloody nose and bite marks. Ms. Roberts was then arrested and taken into custody, but later released when Mr. Peters declined to press charges....more

Two Little Boys, Gender Stereotypes and Strength Sports

I usually workout either alone or with my buddies at my home gym, known as “the powerhouse” by my friends. One day recently, however, I was at Crossfit Brasil with two other people, doing weightlifts....more
I am not necessarily sure that I agree with your reductive assignment to children and critical ...more