Seriously? Must a Woman Be Like a Man to Get Ahead?

That question comes up every time I speak with women about their career aspirations. A second question just as surely follows: if we can’t be authentically who we are, why would we want to “succeed” in male-dominated organizations or professions? Many women who leave the corporate world to stay home with children or enter entrepreneurial or nonprofit fields—or alternately, remain quietly in their jobs put only to find themselves doing the work but not getting the promotions—say they do so because they don’t want to become like men. ...more

I at no time have ever wanted to be like a man or imitate one in any way.

I hate football ...more

The Value of Women's Work Can Change the Workplace

Isn't it amazing that Blatch made this argument 113 years ago? Her point still resonates today. A study released by the Center for American Progress shows that in the down economy, women increasingly became the sole breadwinners, despite the persistent wage gap, since men were being laid off at higher rates to trim companies' bottom line. More and more men defined themselves as "stay-at-home fathers." Women were fully half the paid workforce as of last year, and because women were concentrated in lower paying jobs were less likely to be laid off. ...more
Thanks, Gloria and the people who commented..Please check out The State of the Union: Our Real ...more

Women in Italy - Fringe Benefits

While in Paris attending (and blogging for) the Women's Int'l Networking Conference, my thoughts are clearly on women's empowerment, women leading the future, and the shaking loose of old (male-oriented) ways of conducting business. The Italian presenters are all amazing women, each trailblazers in their own field, all with incredible backgrounds and by their very presence, reveal that a lot of good things are happening in Italy - many of which are even being exported abroad....more

We've come a long way, baby.

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How does The Man do it?

Little Miss Swears A lot

I have no problem with admitting that I sometimes have the mouth of a trucker. A really dirty trucker who sometimes thinks that it’s ok to use the ‘C’ word in public when angry. There’s also the Pavlovian reaction to shoot my middle finger at most anyone who offends me while driving and to yell obscenities at Kevin Millar when he does well and Eli Manning when he gets sacked. I don’t plan these things, they just pop out from time to time. ...more

When I'm at work and hear someone using a lot of profanity, it just seems to me that they cannot ...more