Sarah Haskins: Teaching Advertisers How NOT To Talk to Women

She talks gender, stereotypes, and she does it with snark... Sarah Haskins hosts "Target Women" on InfoMania at Current TV. She and I had a few minutes today to talk about advertisers, women, and the disconnect between the two: ...more

Awesome interview, Erin, and thank you so much for including my quote, you (and Sarah!) made my ...more

Study says women have stronger brains than men!   Don't shoot me - I'm just the messenger.  ; ) A new study printed in the Journal of Biological Chemistry says that female brain cells are more likely to survive starvation than male brain cells.   That's because after 24 hours, the female brain cells could create fat reserves, while the male neurons.....cannibalized themselves.     ...more

Two Children Bullied to Death--Sacrifices to Our Homophobia

We hear of cases such as the the 13-year-old who committed suicide after being bullied online, and then scream our outrage at the bloodless brutalities of virtual harassment, but should we expect anything else when we haven't stopped bullying in the brick and mortar world? ...more

As the ...more

Is Your Son Acting Like a Boy? Is Your Daughter Acting Like a Girl?

I've had at least five conversations with moms lately in which they say, "I just wouldn't know what to do with a girl," or "he acts like such a BOY." I actually believe nature is often more influential than nurture in long-term development, but is our early childhood behavior really so defined by gender? Are we helping anyone out by making comments like that? No, we are not. ...more

What a telling thing that Google search is and what a terrific post. But the solutions to ...more

Oprah's School Needs Sex Ed

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Oprah Scandal pt. 2 ...more

Paperback Writer

I’m working on a book based on my experience with feminization fantasies,as well as the tremendous amount of feedback I’ve been getting from my website lately.It will be about fantasy.No psychological bullshit or theories,just good old tickle your pickle fun.It will be made up of anonymous,erotic fantasies and fetishes about the different ways that people dream about forced feminization. Here is a sample of what it will consist of:From John B in upstate New York. ...more

Cook Up a Revolution for Women's Rights!

Mama Cash is an international women's fund known for its support of daring women's human rights initiatives worldwide. Since 1983, Mama Cash has granted over 35 million Euros to approximately 6,000 women's organisations fighting for safety, economic justice and full participation for women in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Right now, Mama Cash is hosting the first-ever global dinner party for women's rights, and you are invited. ...more

Are Women Inherently More Moral Than Men?

In ye olde Victorian times, women were deemed the "Angel of the House." While men went out and sullied themselves with the business of the world, women stayed in the home to unselfishly create and preserve a sanctity of morality. Forget the inconvenient fact that most women actually did work during ye olde Victorian times (they were poor and/or women of color, thus deviant and to be envied if anything, so their experiences didn't count); the Victorians excelled at making myths into reality. ...more

Our estrogen surges must cause such irrational thinking...


I don't need your permission!

Warning:  This is not a rant.  My blog is supposed to be fun, observational humor about life as an ex-professional turned stay-at-home mom.  This entry is not some serious commentary on gender relations or anything of the sort.  With this caveat, I will continue… ...more

The Girl Revolution Launch Party

Announcing The Girl Revolution Launch Party. The Girl Revolution’s only aim is to heal the soul of the world by raising powerful girls. Readers of The Girl Revolution know that girls are one of the most vital resources of the world. We’re going to protect them from media consumption and dissolve every single barrier that exists between girls and gender and economic equality. How do I know this? ...more