On Becoming a Sexual Female, via Miley Cyrus

I tend to agree* with this analysis of the photos of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair that we've seen so far from Vanity Fair, that they're not "that bad." ...more

Waxing? At age 8?!

First, a really good article at blogher by Mir Kamin about the new trend of mothers taking their 8 year-old daughters to spas...to get bikini waxes. Seriously. She quotes the fuck shaving livejournal community, where one person commented: ...more

What's wrong with this article? Marriage and Taxes, part 2

Especially in light of my critique of 'marriage'-centric social organization, check out this article from CNN.com: "Study: Single parents cost taxpayers $112 billion": Divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing cost U.S. taxpayers more than $112 billion a year, according to a study commissioned by four groups advocating more government action to bolster marriages. hmm...what's wrong with this so far? (hint: it's something to do with the premise of the article) Ok, I'll tell you. ...more

The American view of marriage is very romantic. It is based on the premise that two people ...more

Blogging for Equitable Pay: Reducing the Gender Wage Gap

Because it’s technically 18 April here today, I’m showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, my one day of caring should actually be 22 April. Unfortunately for those who know me personally, Because it's technically 18 April here today, I'm showing my solidarity with American women blogging for fair pay a little early. ...more

Thesaurus.com Says 'Female' is Equivalent to 'Weaker'

Both feministing and Jezebel reported this week that a Thesaurus.com entry has shown up for the word "weaker" where the only two entries are "female" and "lady." The entry has been removed so you can view the screenshot here. My guess is this was supposed to be some sort of a joke, since not only have those two synonyms been removed, but if you look up "weaker" in Thesaurus.com, there is no entry for it, period, only for "weak." From looking at the site, though, it doesn't seem to be user-generated so if it was a joke, it was an "inside" one or a hacker--I hope. Not only am I bringing this up because it is so blatantly sexist, not to mention completely unproductive, say for a student needing a real synonym, but because this connects a great deal to my previous post about gendered-language and the denigration of the female that is encapsulated by the term pussy, but also because language politics in terms of gender/sexuality has been popping up in the news. ...more

I prefer the bonobo lifestyle to the pan troglodyte life style.  What about you?

BINGO: ...more

Smart Bitches, Not Meerly Sex

I have to admit, since it’s only the 19th of January, it’s pretty cool to see the ‘sexiest plagiarism scandal of 2008′ erupt so soon! And all because of animal sex and romance fiction! Hawt. ...more

Men are from Google, Women are from Yahoo?

are women the driving force behind social media? Kylie | WomenCo. (March 31, 2008) ...more

Taco Bell Promo: Problematic? Yes. Misogynistic. Not Really.

Feministing recently posted about a new Taco Bell Promo,calling it "misogynistic." Since then I've seen a bit in the anti-feminism segment of the blogosphere, up in arms because "the feminists are at it again!" bitching over nothing because our abundant gender equality makes it so we have nothing else to complain about. ...more

The Sarah Silverman Of Skepticism

“You’re the Sarah Silverman of skepticism, Sturgess. You don’t drink alcohol and you make jokes that people don’t get.” - P. Hmmph. I think he’s just a grumpy-pants because I had baby octopus for dinner last night… took a photo of it with my phone and sent it to him, with the header “I’M EATING PZ’S BABIES!!!” ...more

Men Can Be Feminists Too