Hear me roar: Being the change

If you just casually glance around tech departments in companies and tech-oriented conferences, it's easy to get the impression that there aren't many women in technology these days. Yet it's undeniable that women are making a big impact on the technology world. (If you think it is deniable, then please keep reading.) Exploring this subject is a special series this month on O'Reilly: Women in Technology. Every day this month, an accomplished woman in technology shares her thoughts.* ...more

Getting more women speaking at conferences and other events, being visible, sharing insights and ...more

Fringe's Ethnos Issue: A Comment on Racism

I'm pleased to announce that submissions for Fringe's second anniversary theme issue, Ethnos, writing about race and ethnicity, are open from now until December 15, 2007. You can read more about the theme on our submission guidelines page. ...more

Condi #1 in GQ's Most Powerful People in DC - It's a Big Deal!

I have been looking for the blog reactions under the "race" and "women of color" or even "feminism" tags on this week's blog posts, and, I have turned up empty. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place or maybe using the wrong search engines. But, I'm sorry, doesn't ANYONE think is it a big deal that a single black woman has been named the MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN WASHINGTON, DC by GQ Magazine? ...more

I've used several of them in a post I wrote about Obama more

Right Hand Rings Pit Marriage Against Career

In the search for my own engagement ring and an ethical diamond, I came across a peculiar trend: the right hand ring. Ads and websites urge women to "celebrate your success" with a diamond ring worn on the right hand. ...more

Science-as-usual + religion-as-usual = gender-as-usual in the classroom

During grad school, I earned extra cash by serving as an educational outreach specialist for a local science center. I was studying the humanities, but my research concerned the intersection of gender, science, and museums. On several occasions, as I unpacked my hands-on science kits in front of a classroom, a girl--it was always a girl--whispered to me, "Are you a real scientist?" ...more

Hi Leslie,

My (ad hoc, memory-based) survey of who's doing, presenting, and publishing ...more

Us "bra-burning harridans"

Have you noticed how, sometimes, even the most vociferous, soapbox-loving, liberal male, will tiptoe around women’s rights? Apart from the cursory nod in our direction (”of course, I believe women are equal”), he will engage very little with feminist concerns and lend none of his (often formidable) intellect to it. I’m not making a generalization here, just talking about something I have noticed. Read the full post at http://aninditasengupta.wordpress.com/2007/07/19/us-bra-burning-harridan... ...more

The Birth of Voice

Apparently, sometimes shit just happens. It happens everyday. When I was sixteen, a good friend of mine turned to me and said “Shit happens, now are you going to sit in it or are you going to take a shower?” It wasn’t a very deep or eloquent way of putting things, but somehow it resonated. ...more

Illuminee's Story

A few days ago I received the best news ever. Illuminee's book got published and I no longer need to queue up in the 'other.' Let me start from the beginning. Illuminee came to me for help through my role at Norwich Mind. She's a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and is now a refugee in the UK. She's a woman of strength and determination - motivated by one force, her love for her son, Roger. When I learned about what nightmares she had to endure in Rwanda, my heart bled for her. How does a human being overcome such tragedies without going completely mad and losing their spirit? ...more

Life Begins at 30

On Friday I had a really nice catch up with a goddess friend. She said something that echoed what many 'wisened' women who learned their lessons the hard way already knew - we don't appreciate ourselves enough. Being a woman is a most glorious thing. It's dynamic. It's kaleidoscopic. It's mad. It's adventure-filled. We have phases and complex relationships. We have layers. ...more

I did think i'ts a great list. There are a few there I still need to work on, but while trying ...more