Girls will fight with their Barbies, and boys will cuddle their G.I. Joes

Growing up as a girl in America, my life was full of Barbies. Though my memory is somewhat foggy, I am confident I had close to a hundred over the course of my childhood. I loved my Barbies. I loved dressing them in the best of late 80s fashion. I loved playing salon with them, at the expense of many a bad haircut. I loved all the typical girly things one can do with a Barbie.And, I loved play fighting with them....more

What's Natural about Pink Plastic? Raising Kids Free of Gender Conformity

First it was Baby Storm, the Canadian infant whose parents refuse to reveal his or her gender to the world outside the immediate family, who took the world by, eh, storm. Now it’s news of Egalia preschool in Sweden, where children are referred to as “friends” rather than girls or boys that has the media raging....more

We have had such an interesting time parenting a boy and a girl, and watching the combination of ...more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Jessica of This is Worthwhile

Some of the most powerful blog posts share discoveries of stereotypes in the world that we've failed to question. Jessica of This is Worthwhile is the BlogHer Voice of the Week because she teases out a bias of her own, a subtle thread in her fastidiously woven philosophy on gender norms, knowing full-well that if she really pulls on it she could unravel her previous work. ...more

I am so incredibly honored to be featured this week! Thank you so very, very much.

- And ...more