Boyfriend's Bad Spending Habit Almost Led to Us Selling Our Condo

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years now and three years ago we moved in together. During this time we both did our best to create a comfortable and happy home. However there was always one problem, which I was afraid, would cause serious issues for us down the road. My boyfriend had poor money management skills due to his habit of overspending. The worst part was we could not talk about this issue because I made more money at my job than him. So I knew where that conversation would lead....more

I Am Responsible For The Gender Wage Gap

That raging monster, The Gender Wage Gap (a snarling, filthy, highly unfair beast to be sure) is probably the major rallying topic for modern, third wave feminists. They emerge from the woodwork with their pithy signs and Twitter hashtags and righteous indignation making futile attempts to slay this foul creature. They shout, "Sure women have the right to vote, but we still make an average of 77 cents to a man's dollar." Which is actually horrible. Who wouldn't want to arm themselves and attack such a glaring injustice to half the population? ...more

5 Things You Can Do Today for Equal Pay

This was in my Twitter feed today to remind me it's Equal Pay Day:...more

Pseudo Holiday, Equal Pay Day, Exposed in Three Minutes

You may have heard that women suffer from pay discrimination and only "earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns" for the same work.  ...more

Is There a Gender Wage Gap?

According to Carrie Lukas, Executive director of the Independent Women's Forum, women and men earn equal pay for equal work. Except that we work in entirely different professions because women like really comfortable, safe jobs. And that parity is only true for urban workers who have no children. So it is a total lie perpetrated by angry feminists that women only make 77 cents for every $1 a dude earns doing the same work. Well, that makes me feel better. ...more
Probably most women's pay-equity advocates think employers are greedy profiteers who'd hire only ...more

Women and the Retirement Gap - Are You Getting Lost in the Cracks?

Even in the changing face of retirement (we're not just all sitting around, traveling, and playing golf anymore, but rather engaging in new careers), women are faced with a monetary gap. While the wage gap obviously has an impact on retirement, there are more factors at play that seem part of the "gotcha" for women of retirement age. So, what is really going on, and what can you do about it no matter what your age? ...more

American politics relies on you blaming yourself, when it's not just you. It's all of us. It's ...more

Giving Men the Gift of Pay Equity

Yes, you read that correctly. A couple of weeks before my bar mitzvah, my parents and I went to our rabbi’s home to discuss the big day. One of the honors for the bar mitzvah boy is that members of his family can get called up to read certain prayers during the service, so we gave him our list of names. When the rabbi saw our list, he informed us that we had a problem: We had more women readers than our conservative temple would allow....more