Runs Smoother At Home

Eating went a lot better. No work for me today. Both of my clients Liz and Regis have there social worker, therapy, and group.So I stay home Murphy and I stayed home and planted corn. Usual we don't plant this early.One thing I can say no desserts for this gal today. I start with 2 slices of bacon and last thing I put in my mouth was gram cracker with peanut butter on itI been doing better good getting water, and seem to enjoy hot water more then cold....more

Family History Day

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Tennessee State Library and Archives will be open to the public for the fifth Family History Day. The event can become your new family tradition. A lot of Tennesseans have taken to discovering their roots....more

Ancestry.Com Research Tips

I wanted to share a few of the research tips I learned in yesterday's Ancestry Day in Raleigh NC. I've been working for a couple of years on the story of my husband's Italian immigrant ancestors. His father was estranged from his own father (our connection to the Italian side of his family) at an early age so he never even told my husband he was part Italian until my husband was in his 20s....more

Watching TLC's Who Do You Think You Are? and Researching My Own History

Lately I've been watching a show on TLC called "Who Do You Think You Are?"  Largely sponsored by, it follows various celebrities around as they trace bits of their family history.  Given my own history (and frequent lack thereof), I find this show fascinating.  Image: TLC ...more
That's really impressive; very few people can trace that far back.  Good luck with uncovering ...more


Do you research your family? I have been researching my family for years. It is easy to get started. In fact when I first started there was no internet to offer assistance. I only knew stories that my family told me. Fascinating stories were told around the table, and especially at family reunions. I think every year the stories grew into taller tales. ...more