Living with Anxiety Disorders

My kids sometimes ask me if monsters exit.  I tell them that monsters aren't real.  They aren't hiding under their beds or in their closet.  There is no such thing.But I think we all know that's not exactly true.  Monsters very much do exist.  They just aren't ten feet tall with horns.  We each have our monster.  Mine is anxiety....more

My First Panic Attack

  I was 21. My first day of class was the next day, and I had put off buying my books until the busiest day of the bookstore’s year. I was in the middle of the line of about one hundred other students when I started to feel sick. It started with nausea and sweaty palms that progressively got worse the closer I made it to the cashier....more

My Deep Dark Secret

Please don't get too close to the edge. Please don't sit on top of the ledge. Why is that plane flying so low and so fast? Please don't choke. Should I even bother going? I won't know anyone; it's a room full of strangers. Please don't tailgate so closely. Why is the house such a mess? Why can't it ever stay clean? What was that noise? Is someone in the house? Could they have cut the alarm system and broken in? ...more

Extreme Anxiety and New Motherhood: The Perfect Storm

As I was researching last week's post on parenting trends of the past ten years, I realized why my daughter's babyhood was so difficult for me. ...more
Amazing read, this is ME!  Thank you for posting a very authentic story, and painting the ...more

Running and Recovery - Just for Today

About eight months ago I had a turning point in my life. Instead of hiding from and burying my fears - a trait I'd gotten very good at over the years - I began to learn to face them head on. In addition to therapy and medication, I recently discovered two more things I want and need to do to take better care of myself - the first is getting regular exercise and the second is attending a 12-step program (for friends and families of problem drinkers). ...more

I used to run 5k races all the time, mostly just against myself but I've competed in a few. ...more

My road to recovery from Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety. It's something that we all experience from time to time. Usually it's a healthy response, a normal bodily reaction to stress. But for some of us anxiety becomes a way of life, a never-ending cycle of fear. One fear begets another fear begets another fear and it continues in a vicious circle, wearing us down, making us feel unable to cope or exist in a "normal" way. ...more


Can you see the doctor you saw in the past? If not, can you get a ...more