Gen Y Trends to Watch in 2009 (and Beyond)

Entrepreneurship: The financial crisis is definitely a bummer for those of us starting our careers, but there is also a lot of possibility in this crisis. I think we might see more and more young people starting their own businesses and taking their careers into their own hands as the corporate world feels the squeeze. On the other hand, we will also see a lot of dreams temporarily put to a halt as our generation bides our time to wait for better times. ...more

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Do we really care if you're Caroline Kennedy or Caroline Hussein? Digital cutlure might be fueling a criticism of nepotism in politics and the workforce. ...more

The bright side of the economic situation for recent graduates

As a recent college graduate, my job search is especially tough. Companies that do not have a hiring freeze are hiring the more experienced workers laid off from other companies. This leaves me and my freshly printed bachelor's degree with seemingly limited careeroptions. I have decided that this is going to work out well for me. ...more

Thank you for your encouragement! I like your very practical blog. It is so important to be ...more

Using Social Networking to Kickstart Your Career

Yahoo Inc. has unfurled a professional social network to help college students and recent graduates kickstart their careers. According to a blog-post by Scott Gatz, Yahoo’s senior director of advanced products: Y! Kickstart is a professional network with a specific purpose: to connect college students, recent grads, alums and professionals to find jobs, internships and career advice. ...more

A Window on Generations Now

The workforce is knee-deep in an anomaly: For the first time ever, four generations are side-by-side, with everyone from Millenials to the Silent Generation contributing to the bottom line. But what is a generation, anyway, and what are these four all about? According to Chuck Underwood, founder and president of The Generational Imperative,, "Any generation ends with a significant end in America of the times or teachings or both that young kids will absorb." ...more

Who Owns Your Time--You, Or Your Boss?

Cam Marston thinks American workers are changing their minds. Older generations have worked as though employers own their time--but the up-and-coming workers believe they're the keepers of their time, said Marston, a consultant specializing in multigenerational communications. "The baby boomers' and Matures' attitude was: The company owns my time, and I move for them as they need me," he said. "Gen Xers and Yers say, 'I own my time, and I give you what you need based on the job that needs to be done." ...more