Why Our Parents Put Us To Shame

I often think about how we survived under the watch of our parents. There were no infant seats (how did you get anywhere with me in the car?), no seat belts (ok, there were seat belts, but they weren't safe and no one wore them), people smoked basically everywhere, we gnawed happily on plastic and toys full of lead, climbed on high steel monkey bars, and electrical outlets were always in plain view and ready for a zappin'.Parenting standards have obviously changed over the years (and most for good reason), but here's why I say our parents rocked....more
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Have Millennial Women Moved Beyond Feminism? By Barbara Bylenga and Marya Stark

Talking to a Millennial (ages 15-29) about feminism is like talking to an Alaskan about heatstroke.  They’ve heard of it, sure, and what they’ve heard sounds pretty unpleasant—but it’s not a part of their world.  Not at all.  Maya, a 20-year-old woman living in New York, rolled her eyes when asked in a market research interview how she felt about women’s issues.  “Oh, I’m no feminist,” she said.  ...more

I have an 18 year old who came to feminism late (in my opinion) but at least she got there! Her ...more