When families collide

I've got family on my mind.I live close to my Mother (you're welcome, Mom). But most of my extended family lives in an area of the country that requires a 9-hour car drive. (And, if you have ever been in the car for nine hours with a talkative child, you know that the full drive time feels closer to 30 hours.)...more

Mother's Day: Somewhere in Between Us

Mother's Day is a bittersweet time for me and a difficult day for my grandmother.  We mourn the woman who connects us, the mother who made me want to be a mother, the daughter who made her a mother....more


Monday, June 3, 2013 - Prompt:How many generations can you go back in your family? What do you know about your oldest ancestors? ...more

Happy Grace Day

Break Your Mother's Back: Superstitions Part Two

After posting about superstitions yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about nonsensical things I do. It's time for complete honesty... I might be more superstitious than I first reported.Signs I'm More superstitious Than I Thought...more

For Father's Day: A Museum of One's Own Redux

In honor of Father's Day, I offer one of my favorite blog posts, A Museum of One's Own: Love Letter to The Nelson.  I do so because my father is the heart of that post and because he is visiting the Nelson today courtesy of my brother who is visiting from California.  My son will accompany them, so three generations of my family will stride the halls of that magnificent museum.  The v...more

Thorns & Hope - my family's garden legacy

I've gotten so mushy and sentimental lately.  It really is not like me to be this way, and I'm having a hard time adjusting.  Wondering if this is just the way that I will forever be, or if it's just a temporary phase of ridiculousness.  A few months ago, all of a sudden I decided that I was going to do something.  I was going to replace the rosebushes that had died in the yard.  When we landscaped, I planted 6 bare root rosebushes, and 4 of them took.  One tried for a year or so to grow, and that last one never bothered.  I'd never gotten around t...more

I'm sure they would both feel honored that you are keeping their memories alive through your ...more

The 80's Called...

I had occasion to revisit the 80's yesterday.  It happens from time to time.  Most recently when the kids came across an old picture of their dad and asked what was up with his hair.  He had a mullet.Correction.  It was just short in the front and long in the back.  It totally wasn't a mullet.  Right.Not too long before that, the kids found a picture of me.  Shudder.  I was wearing....wait for it.....a purple jumpsuit with a fluorescent geometric print shirt.  Hell yeah.  More impressive th...more

I completely forgot about that! My favorite eighties piece was my Thriller Jacket! I rocked it :Omore

Cycle and Recycle Family Style

With gardens, with homes, with children's clothing - recycling is so much a part of our pattern that I don't even think to call it that. Big kid outgrows and it goes to Middle, and then jumps over Boy (unless it's a rare unisex item like rain boots) to Little. Then it flows out of our home into the home of smaller, newer creatures. In flow things from homes where bigger kids are....more

Oh Mommy, You're So Silly."

"Promise me," I plea, "Don’t dress me in wild floral patterned peddle-pushers with blouses in contrasting colored stripes that run east to west.  Pluck my chin hairs and never give me a blue rinse." "Oh Mommy, you're so silly." ...more